Comics With Kenobi #39

Comics With Kenobi #39

And we’re weekly!

We had thought about going to a weekly show in 2018 but decided “Why wait?!” So here we are. Leaner, more timely and easier to enjoy.

This week’s episode brings us news about the upcoming The Last Jedi: Storms of Crait one shot out Dec. 27, some decidedly nonspoilery talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi film as well as conversation about the preceding week’s Star Wars comics from Marvel and Jim Mello and Alex Ray’s first-ever annual for A Star Wars Comic.

Comics reviewed this week include:

  • Star Wars #40
  • Darth Vader #9
  • A Star Wars Comic Annual #1: The Last Jedi

Looking ahead through the rest of December, upcoming issues include, by release date and title:

Dec. 20

  • Poe Dameron #22
  • Doctor Aphra #15

Dec. 27

  • Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu #5
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Storms of Crait One Shot

If you’re into trades, December’s got plenty of offerings, including the trade paperback collecting Marvel’s Rogue One six-issue adaptation (Dec. 19); and Star Wars Epic Collections, Vol. 3, which collects the Dark Horse-published Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron issues #17-#35 (Dec. 19).

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