Comics With Kenobi #38: The A Star Wars Comic Extravaganza

Comics With Kenobi #38: The A Star Wars Comic Extravaganza

It’s an extra-special special episode as we sit down with Alex Ray and Jim Mello, co-creators of the wildly popular and strikingly imaginative A Star Wars Comic to mark the completion of a year’s worth of stories and tales from a galaxy far, far away in our respective head canon.

For us, it’s been a shared road, given our love for Star Wars comics. It was in January 2017 that we spoke with them ahead of the first comic and having Jim and Alex’s effort has been exceedingly satisfying month in and month out.

They’ve taken us — and you — from one end of the Star Wars galaxy to another, introducing new characters alongside with old favorites.

In short, it’s been a wild ride and while we knew it’s time would come to an end with the final six-page issue on Dec. 27 … WE WERE WRONG!

A Star Wars Comic will continue through 2018, but every two months as Alex and Jim dedicate themselves to other pursuits that we fundamentally believe will lead to greater exposure for their comic-book talents.

So join us for this episode as we discuss the past, present and future of A Star Wars Comic.

You’ll be glad you did.

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