February was a light month for Star Wars yet remained a critical moment for the entire line, with stories in Star Wars: Poe Dameron 11, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 4 and Star Wars 29 holding true to ongoing storylines that keep pace with expanding the Saga’s character development and exploration of events before the events of the prequel trilogies and the original trilogies, along with ahead of events in The Force Awakens.

We’ve also got a special guest this issue, artist Mike Mayhew, whose work on the vaunted one-shot Obi-Wan Kenobi stories in Marvel’s flagship Star Wars monthly (we dubbed them Obi-Wan Shots) gave readers new insight into not just the last of the Jedi Knights’ time on Tatooine, but an edifying and entertaining glimpse into Luke Skywalker, too.

Listen here.

Mayhew’s work is a dream to behold — that’s not hyperbole — and he’s got a knack for taking characters we all know and love and proffering new views of them, particularly when they’re younger — Luke — or in middle age just before old age (Hello there, Ben Kenobi!).

His work in comics has been lauded for years and Star Wars fans got their first real exposure to him when he illustrated Dark Horse Comics’ best-selling and critically acclaimed The Star Wars, an eight-issue adaptation of George Lucas’ draft script for what ultimately became A New Hope.

It’s an edifying and entertaining interview that offers insights into not just the art of making comics, but how personal fandom, artistic integrity and discipline helps create a tableaux of adventure and wonder.

Be sure to visit his website,mikemayhewstudio.com, or follow him on Twitter. We’ve got a feeling you’ll be seeing more of his work in Star Wars in the coming months and years.

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