In today’s show, we will discuss the Star Wars presence at SDCC, Celebration Europe II, Celebration Anaheim, and the D23 Expo. A lot of information came out through these events, as well as Clone Wars news, and we’ll see what the future holds for the beloved tv series.

We will also introduce our topic for Show # 6, as well as discuss our topic for today, the Expanded Universe and Canon. Fan of the show and Expanded Universe enthusiast Kyan Royalty will join us to share his opinions, as well as discuss your thoughts and emails on this topic. This is the Podcast You're Looking For!


Show Notes


Episode VII and Kathleen Kennedy

John Williams and Episode VII

Star Wars Rebels

The History of Star Was Titles and when we can realistically expect one

Collector News

Clone Wars Season V and Complete Series Box Set

Kenner 12 inch Hoth Han Solo

Sideshow Hoth Figures


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