In today’s show we are happy to introduce our very first guests to Coffee With Kenobi, Tricia Barr, writer and journalist for Del Rey’s Suvudu Blog, Star Wars Insider magazine, and her excellent Fangirl Blog. Tricia will join us for a cup of coffee as we discuss our topic for Show # 4, the role of women in the Star Wars universe. It is a conversation not to be missed!

We will also have a cup of coffee with Mark Newbold, who is here to let everyone know about the Caravan of the Force. Mark is the co-news Editor of Jedi News UK, writer for the Star Wars Blog, Star Wars Insider, and starwars.com. Very impressive resumes for our first two guests! We are unbelievably fortunate to have them on the show

We will also look at news regarding the D23 Expo and Hollywood Insider speculation, George Lucas receiving a major award, how to join the Star Wars Action Team, announce the winner of our very first contest, and we will introduce our topic for Show # 5. This is the Podcast You're Looking For!

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Theme Park Rumblings courtesy of Jedi News UK

D23 Expo Star Wars Plans

D23 Expo Hollywood Insider Speculation

Lucas receives National Medal of Honor

Collectors Segment

NPR Star Wars books article

Star Wars Action Team

The Star Wars You've Never Seen

Tricia Barr Interview

Tricia Barr's post with link to Listener emails!

Tricia Barr's Article on Princess Leia as discussed in Discussion Segment


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