CWK Show # 27: The Sith, featuring the Wolfpack Podcast (63)

CWK Show # 27: The Sith, featuring the Wolfpack Podcast (63)

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In today’s show we are happy to share a cup of coffee with Corey,  Nabbill, and Dan of the WolfPack Podcast.  The 6 person team of Star Wars fans brings the latest news, interviews, and product reviews each and every week, and they join us to discuss our topic for show # 27, the Sith.  We also have a Rhode Island Comic-Con report from Mike Audette, as well as updates on The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer,  Star Wars Celebration, and the latest collectibles.  As well as the next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” with Rob Wainfur.  This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

Listen to the Show here!

Show Notes

Becca is Fangirl of the Day!

Listen to Aaron Harris on Bantha Banter


Teaser Trailer Initial Reactions

Celebration Trailer

Celebration Art and Artists

Collector News

C-3PO 12 ” Figure

New Gentle Giant Offerings


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