Coffee With Kenobi Show # 2

In today’s show we look at news regarding a brand new Star Wars Animated Series, Kathleen Kennedy and Celebration Europe, Brad Bird and Episode VII, and talk about the line up for Star Wars Weekends 2013. We will also discuss the Hasbro Black Series San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Finally, we will address our topic for today’s discussion, your opinions on the Disney/Lucasfilm merger. This is the Podcast You're Looking For!

Show Notes

Star Wars Rebels

Kathleen Kennedy at Celebration Europe II

Brad Bird and Episode VII

Star Wars Weekends 2013

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

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  1. Becca Benjamin
    June 3, 2013 at 01:58Reply

    Hey guys! Loved your podcast, just awesome. Have to admit, I even “fan-girl squeed” when you mentioned the possibility of doing a show based off the idea of my “Slave Leia” comment 🙂

    Now on to the next topic, “Attachments” in the Jedi Order. Now that’s quite the can of worms your opening, isn’t it? Ok, so we do know that the Jedi Code does not allow “attachments” of any kind, even though over the years this said “code” has been modified many times over. At one point, it was said that, Jedi do not marry (with some exceptions), in order to avoid attachment and to not create dynasties of those strong in the Force.

    Makes one wonder, what did they fear would happen? Let’s face it, the force was already “unbalanced”, or so they believed. Did something happen in the past that so catastrophic, that they did not want history to repeat itself? Or was it completely the opposite? Could they (Jedi Council) be so naïve/ignorant to the whole concept of “family/love/attachment” that they actually denounced it in order to hide their own “fears of the unknown?” Especially when brought, face to face with the young, unusually strong in the force, Anakin Skywalker. Let’s be honest, it was painfully obvious how shaken with “uncertainty” the Council was when he stepped foot in their temple. Here was a child, yet exceptionally strong with the force, but Knew all about the emotions of Love/family/attachments, all the things that were “unknown” to them and all they sensed was fear. Fear they blamed on Anakin, due to leaving his mother behind, but maybe they used that to cover up their Own Fear, fear of this unknown vergence in the force.

    Honestly, I think they could’ve learned a lot from Anakin if they would have just gave him a chance and made him feel more welcome than “a problem”. I use that phrase, a problem, because that is exactly what he says to, Qui Gon in TPM. Furthermore, if they could have just “listened” to him more, made him feel comfortable enough to talk about his feelings to alleviate his conflicting emotions, things may have worked out differently. Then again, we wouldn’t have much to discuss then, would we? 😉 As a powerful Senator once said, “This war represents a failure to listen.” The same could be said about the Jedi Order as well, especially where Attachments and the ability to change are concerned.

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next show 🙂

  2. Austin Page
    June 4, 2013 at 19:23Reply

    In response to: “Let’s face it, the force was already “unbalanced”, or so they believed.” I will have to bring up something that’s always been controversial to me about this “balancing” metaphor that we’ve all become so familiar with and have grown to quote in most simple Star Wars conversation. The Jedi Order’s motivation has been said many a time to be the act of bringing balance to the force, but isn’t it already in balance? There has to be 2 or more things being weighed for balance to occur (I always imagine an ancient egyptian scale in my mind when I think over this). If the Dark Side does end up completely being irradiated from known space, then the balance is out of whack. Obviously not form the perception from the Jedi, but perception is everything. Or if you would to refer to it as “Certain point of view”, go ahead. Obi-Wan would be proud. So, to come kind of full circle after my little rant, there needs to be a Dark Side to balance out the Light, in this universe, throughout this battle between Light and Dark, we have order through chaos. In layman’s terms, the constant fighting between the good guys and bad guys keeps things balanced out. It’s a simple look at things, but we have to step back and not look at one side being good or bad, and let go of our fanboy/fangirl love for either side. If the Dark Side didn’t exist, the Jedi wouldn’t have anything to fight or defend society from. They wouldn’t be considered the good guys, they would just be considered force wielders, some sort of security force against the common evil doer, or whatever clever name could be used to label them.

    In all, thanks to Becca, she sparked that controversial topic in my head. I’d recommend discussing that in the future for one of your guy’s episode, would love to hear what you guys think about it all, and what you have to say. Look forward to the next show.


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