CWK Show # 10: Anakin Skywalker, featuring Becca Benjamin (19)

CWK Show # 10: Anakin Skywalker, featuring Becca Benjamin (19)

Coffee With Kenobi : Now with the Bearded Trio!In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Becca Benjamin of Geeks Helping Geeks.  Becca shares her thoughts on the topic for show #10, Anakin Skywalker.  We also have the next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” featuring Rob Wainfur, and discuss news regarding Darth Maul in comic book form, Star Wars comics coming back to Marvel, Bonnie Piesse’s EP, and talk about the Inquisitor action figure.  This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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Show Notes


Darth Maul’s Clone Wars Arc determined in Comic Book Form

Star Wars Coming back to Marvel

Bonnie Piesse’s New EP

Download Bonnie Piesse’s Album Here

2014 Star Wars Weekends Dates Revealed

Image of the Ghost via Star Wars Tumblr

Collector News

The Inquisitor Action Figure

Pre-Order Captain Han Solo from Hoth Sixth Scale Figure


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  1. Becca Benjamin
    January 10, 2014 at 01:27 Reply

    Thanks guys for taking the time to have a cup of coffee with me ☺️.

  2. Matthew Spillman (@MattPSpillman)
    January 13, 2014 at 01:41 Reply

    I have yet to finish up the Clone Wars. I am on season two. I was unable to watch them for a good while and now I am playing catch up. I’ve seen some of the episodes with Darth Maul in them and I am excited about Darth Maul’s arc being finished up in the comics. I intend on starting my Star Wars collection back up. This includes buying as many Star Wars comics as possible. I have to play the catch up game on a lot of things not just with Star Wars. I’ve been out of the media loop for a little while and I really missed it.

    What I found interesting was the fact that Marvel will be making Star Wars comics again. I am a huge Marvel fan. I like some DC comics but not as much as I like Marvel. Likewise, I am a huge Star Wars fan so with the two joining forces, what can be better? I have been watching the Clone Wars over that past couple of days and I am almost done with season two.

    Another part of the podcast that I found intriguing was the perspectives on why Anakin turned on Mace the way he did. I agree totally with the point of views discussed such as that Anakin was confused and wasn’t really worried about anything other than saving Padme. You can clearly see he was debating his choices when he informed Palpatine about Kenobi engaging General Grievous. Anakin stated that he knew there were things that the Jedi weren’t telling him. This to me shows that he was already doubting the Jedi order and considering what Palpatine told him earlier was true about the Jedi hiding things from him. This further increases his trust in Palpatine.

    It is very apparent that Mace had his doubts about Anakin from the beginning. As you stated in your podcast, Mace told Anakin that if the information was true that he provide then Anakin would have gained his trust.If I am thinking correctly, was it not Mace that said that Anakin was too old to train to Qui Gon in Episode one? Anakin was clearly debating on what Palpatine had told him prior to turning him in to Mace and doing the right thing. It is clear that Anakin thought that if Palpatine was arrested then he would be able to still get the information from him instead of having to choose between being a Jedi and doing what is right and saving Padme. Overall, I found the discussion on Anakin very interesting and insightful.

    One other part of the podcast that I found interesting was the inquisitor. I really want this for my collection. I need to create a tublr account because I didn’t see the image of the Ghost you mentioned. I also enjoyed the shot of espresso with the bearded trio. I like the Jurassic Park movies and I am looking forward to seeing the fourth movie. I am looking forward to hearing more of your podcast and keeping up to date with your shows.

  3. Melinda
    January 14, 2014 at 05:48 Reply

    Absolutely great show! While I oftentimes have my own opinions about the Star Wars Galaxy, I am open to others’ insights, and I really enjoyed listening to what all of you had to say during the show. Anakin is such a complex character, your interpretations of him certainly give me food for thought. Thank you! 🙂

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