Jeff McGee, contributing blogger here at Coffee With Kenobi, has a podcast of his own – Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff – and the guest on his most recent show is our very own Cory Clubb, co-host of the CWK podcast!

Jeff recently interviewed Cory about his new young adult novel, Uncanny Day. Here is a brief synopsis of Cory’s novel:

Nolan Day can read your mind. Trading classmates’ secrets for quick cash is simple—it’s the whispering voices and nosebleeds that make it difficult. Things get worse when his latest client decides to step into oncoming traffic. Trying to unravel the mystery of why and right his mistakes, Nolan discovers a darkness lingering inside the mind that threatens human existence and forces him to confront his own broken past. Nolan’s only choice is to ask his untrustworthy foster brother and a girl who’s out to expose his secret for help. Although, when thoughts become deadly, who can you trust?

You can listen to Jeff’s interview with Cory right here: Special Edition – Uncanny Day author Cory Clubb

Be sure to check out Dan Z’s review of Uncanny Day right here.

Finally, you can order Cory’s book on It’s available for Kindle, or – if you’re old-fashioned like me – you can choose the paperback edition. 😉

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