Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Z Guests On The Sandcrawler

Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Z Guests On The Sandcrawler

Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Zehr was kind enough to appear on my Star Wars collecting podcast, The Sandcrawler this week to offer tips and advice if you’re heading to Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April.


I co-host The Sandcrawler along with Dan Lizotte and the focus of our show since we started last fall is talking about how and why we collect Star Wars merchandise. We’re less of a news show and more of a show about the passion behind why we love our Star Wars toys. Dan Zehr and I spoke about social media at Celebration, what to expect from other Star Wars fans, and the best ways to approach celebrities and other fans for photos and sharing those photos on social media.

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It was a fun chat and we intend on having Dan back on the show at some point to discuss his Star Wars collecting story and habits. This was actually the first time that Dan and I have spoken to each other verbally in the years that I’ve been writing for Coffee With Kenobi. It was great to finally speak “in person.” well, Skype anyway and the Sandcrawler looks forward to having him back!

Thanks Dan, can’t wait to finally meet you in person in April!

The Sandcrawler is part of the Retrozap Podcast Network and can be found here.

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