Christmastime will soon be upon us, and the hunt for that perfect gift has begun. For the second year in a row, Coffee With Kenobi is here to help! Our show hosts and bloggers have put on their elf hats, consulted Santa’s reindeer, eaten their fair share of holiday cookies and candy canes, and have come up with Star Wars gift ideas that would make Kris Kringle himself exclaim “Ho Ho Ho!”

Check out our suggestions below:

1. The Sphero Star Wars collection

When The Force Awakens hype was building, back in 2015, the hot item was . The “soccer ball” droid stole our hearts and created excitement amongst Christmas shoppers everywhere. How do you top a phenomenon like that? While I’m not sure you can top BB-8, you can certainly add to the Sphero droid family, and to do just that, we have two brand new additions to your collection that are must buys: R2-D2 and BB-9E!

R2-D2: It’s difficult to come up with new superlatives for the world’s most beloved astromech. Ever since 1977, the loveable droid has warmed our hearts, made us laugh, and thrilled us with his fearless exploits. with amazing features. For example (from Sphero’s website):

  • Authentic Movement // Drive Artoo, go from bipod to tripod stances or trigger emotive waddles.
  • Holographic Simulation // Explore the Star Wars™ galaxy, roam iconic ship interiors, and more.
  • Droid to Droid Experience // Watch R2-D2 interact with other Star Wars™ App-enabled Droids.
  • Watch With Me // View films from the Star Wars saga with R2-D2 by your side.
  • Authentic LEDs // Artoo’s signature front and rear lights are fully functional.
  • Integrated Speaker // The beeps and boops come right from R2-D2 itself.

I was able to see Artoo in action at the Rancho Obi-Wan 2017 Gala, and can honestly say that Sphero outdid themselves. If I had Sphero’s R2-D2 when I was a young boy … wow!

Surely, you jest (I don’t jest, and stop calling me ‘Shirley’ #Airplane). I vividly remember seeing the image of the First Order’s beebee unit and thinking that Lucasfilm outdid themselves. They have managed to make this new droid creepy and adorable all at once. The droid functions similarly to BB-8, but with a square-shaped head, and bold black and grey colors, it adds a whole new dimension to Star Wars. Here are the features for Spero’s BB-9E (also from Sphero’s website):

  • Authentic Movement // Whether you’re driving or on Patrol, BB-9E rolls just like on-screen.
  • Holographic Simulation // Explore the Star Wars galaxy with the app and the Droid Trainer.
  • Droid-to-Droid Experience // Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero.
  • Watch With Me // View films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E by your side.
  • Signature LEDs // BB-9E’s dome is equipped with vibrant LED lights.

Purchase Sphero’s BB-9E here

-Dan Z

2. Star Wars Bluetooth Speakers From ACWorldWide

These high quality officially licensed Bluetooth speakers are of the highest quality and so too is the sound. A C-3P0, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader version of these quality speakers are available. The company have really gone to town on the detail to bring us a product we would be proud of putting on our shelf next to our Star Wars collection.

ACWorldwide have added some nice touches, for example when you pair your C-3PO speaker you hear him say “Some people think I am a God.” They even provide white gloves with the speaker so you can keep your droid sparkling. Buy two speakers and you can pair them up to get stereo sound. How neat is that?

Similarly with the Stormtrooper speaker you get the same attention to detail and again when you pair the speaker you get a voice telling you “nothing to see here, move along.”

Here’s what AC Worldwide say about the Stormtrooper model:

“The grey “patches” you see on a Stormtrooper helmet were painted, they are meant to be grills – so we have made them as they are meant to be, the vents on the jaw line were stickers so we have built them in, over the bridge of the nose and around the rear of the helmet, we have looked at what has been painted and then made what they are meant to be.”

The sound quality hasn’t been overlooked either with each speaker boasting powerful bass and a built in subwoofer.

Find out more at ACWorldWide.Cool – From £149.00/$249.00

–Rob Wainfur @thebeardedtrio

Star Wars: A New Hope Title Crawl Floor Runner

It’s the holiday seasoooooon…..and that means Think Geek has presented us Star Wars fans with even more awesome items with which to express our fandom! In the past, they have presented us with some great area rugs based on the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon (Have the Falcon rug in my dining room, and it really ties the room together). This year, they have unleashed upon our wallets an entirely new idea: a Star Wars floor runner! The geniuses who design such things have a truly inspired idea this time: The runner is black with a starfield, with the opening crawl to A New Hope cascading down from top to bottom. This is one of those million-dollar ideas, so obvious that I’m amazed this is the first we’ve seen of it. The runner is just under 6 ½ feet long and just over 2 feet wide, so it would make a terrific addition to a foyer to announce to your guests just who it is they’re visiting, or a wonderful way to make every walk down a hallway feel like an epic adventure!

Being the owner of a Think Geek Star Wars rug, I can vouch for the quality of the work, this will be a durable rug that will stand up to regular use, even if you have padawans who don’t always wipe their feet when they come inside. Think Geek has knocked another one out of the park, and this is definitely going on my Holiday Wish List, right underneath the part where I wish for a hallway long enough to display it!

See more photos and order the rug at Think Geek.

–Jeff McGee

4. The Black Series Supreme Leader Snoke on Throne — Gamestop Exclusive

I found it! I bought it! And it’s all mine! It was destiny. I wonder if when this Snoke was made he knew he would find a forever home on my desk. Here is the funny thing. I am not even that much of a Snoke fan. However, for some reason if you put him on a throne and make him difficult to find, he becomes irresistible. I have a friend that manages a Gamestop and I told him that this is what I was looking for and a month later I got a text saying his location had been given one to sell. Yup I’m that guy. I want it because others want it too. They can’t have it now because it’s all mine!! Curse you Hasbro!!!

The detail on the sculpt is amazing. The dry brush paint on the skin is so impressive. The throne is so big, it has to be assembled after you take it out of the box, if you are type of person to take figures out of a box. The ring on his finger, which I hope we learn the significance of December 15th, is very apparent. The glittery, if that is a word, robe is modern and 1970’s long smoking jacket all at the same time. There has never been a villain like this, bright, gold, visible, uncowed and out of the shadows.

So yes it will be here forever….or until the next cool thing comes along. But until then it’s all mine! I feel so sithy!

–Randy Therio

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Chewie and Porg Mini Brief Handbag

With all of the amazing new Star Wars The Last Jedi fashion pieces and accessories coming available, it is very difficult for me to choose one favorite wish-list item! However, I’ve decided on something fun, yet functional: The Chewie and Porg Mini-Brief Handbag from Bioworld. This adorable accessory is going to be available soon through Entertainment Earth, with pre-ordering available now.

The handbag is priced at $49.99 plus s/h, and features a detachable porg charm (why you would want to detach is beyond my protocol capacities)! The handbag also has a fleece-type overlay to the bag, with Chewbacca’s bandolier detail. It also has both an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a handle. I’ve been a good Jedi! I really hope to get this one!!

–Jay Krebs

6. Jyn Erso (Deluxe Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

While everyone’s gaze is fixed on December 15, and the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I still have an eye on the past. Namely, last year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hey, it’s all part of the same saga, so we can live in the past, present, and future, right? Right. With that said, and item that makes my Christmas wish list is the Jyn Erso (Deluxe Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

Previous to Rogue One, all my favorite Star Wars characters were men. Luke Skywalker, Kanan Jarrus, and Kylo Ren to be specific. (Cassian Andor has since made the list, too.) That changed with the introduction of Jyn Erso. For this first time, a female character spoke to me. I understood her attitude and why she reacted to the events of the galaxy the way she did. I could easily see myself doing the same.

That brings me the my gift suggestion. In past years I’ve collected a few different sixth scale figures, the last being Indiana Jones back in 2008. Since that time, the technology used in capturing the essence and appearance of these characters has advanced exponentially. The realism is staggering, and the Jyn Erso figure is simply stunning. I mean, just look at her! Amazing.

The figure stands at 10.62 inches (27cm) and, in addition to the regular costume elements, the deluxe version features a poncho with bandolier, a breathing mask, hat with goggles, quadnoculars, and additional blaster parts. There are 30 points of articulation and each head sculpt is hand-painted with exceptional attention to detail. You can find all the specs here.

The Jyn Erso Deluxe Version retails for $249.99 (payment plan available) and will ship in time for the holidays if ordered between 12/11/17 through 12/17/17, depending on shipping option. You can find the details here.

Know someone who would love to add Jyn to their collection? Visit to place your order.

7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron

I’m all for the Star Wars literary-verse! So, a perfect gift idea for me would be the upcoming young adult Star Wars book, by Elizabeth Wein. It will be published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press on December 15 of this year and is said to be a companion book to Jason Fry’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Bomber Command and is due to release the same day! It’s like a Tico sisters combo pack!

But, seriously, ever since Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) has been introduced to us at Star Wars Celebration Orlando I’ve wanted to know more about this girl. Like, come on, who doesn’t? And honestly, what better way to get to know a new character than by reading about them. Movies don’t delve into the character’s psyche. Nor do they go deep into their emotions. But, a book does. A book is like a personal diary of the character or characters moods, feelings, and history. It’s the open window of their mind, heart, and soul. A book lets us know what makes a particular character “tick.” And I’d like to know what exactly makes Rose Tico, a Resistance mechanic tick.

is currently available for pre-order at

–Becca Benjamin

8. Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics

It’s just not the holidays without a good comic to keep you company as you seek out a slower pace amid the seasonal rush.

If you’re shopping for family, friends or even yourself, there’s no dearth of potential Star Wars comics to take you to that galaxy … well, you know where and when.

Still, if you’re aiming for something wholly unique, you can’t go wrong with the first volume of IDW Publishing’s collection of . Released in May and available online and in bookstores, the 272-page landscape-oriented hardcover showcases the adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and so many more as written and illustrated by Russ Manning, an artist whose work on Magnus, Robot Fighter and the Tarzan newspaper strips has cemented his status as a giant of the industry.

While Marvel’s original Star Wars comics were wild and fantastic, Manning’s work appeared seven days a week in black and white and in color on Sundays, offering up sequential stories that were reminiscent of the 1930s tales of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, but better.

There are places and people within these strips that will astound and amaze. While it’s not canon, it’s not without inspiration and finesse. Plus, among the strips is an appearance by Boba Fett, well ahead of the release of The Empire Strikes Back.

IDW has spared no expense in reprinting the trips — 575 in the first volume — from the comics’ debut on March 11, 1979 to Oct. 5, 1980. What makes this edition standout is the use of the strips’ title header and the bonus panels, all of them restored and recolored.

Two more volumes are planned, too, so that ultimately the entire strip will be available in this deluxe format. It’s a worthy addition to any collection for any fan who enjoys Star Wars sequentially.

9. Star Wars Bloxels

Star Wars and video games have gone hand in hand since the Atari 2600.

Now, even as EA’s Battlefront II takes Star Wars to new levels — or lows — there’s another avenue for younger players with an eye toward ultimately designing their own games.

Which is why Pixel Press’ Bloxels platform has such potential to not just ultimately influence the next generation of games, but proffer up programming skills, too.

That’s evident in the Bloxel and Mattel release of .

It’s literally as simple as it sounds.

Using color-coded blocks that represent everything from terrain to power-ups to story to coins, and a Star Wars-inspired pegboard, you set up your game layout, code it, test it and play it after using the accompanying app (iOS and Android)

From there, it’s a matter of snapping an image of your bloxels with the app and your layout is imposed on a variety of backgrounds, using a a number of characters — some familiar (a little Greedo anybody?)

There’s vast opportunity for designs, turns and actions, all of which is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to add to Bloxels The Play & Share. That lets designers — young and not so young — explore other creations from other people, encounterting new challenges while taking some ideas to use for their own devices, too.

Another fun aspect of the games? Unlockable Star Wars content from characters to scenery that can then be used by the designer, too.

–Matt Moore

10. Star Wars LEGO

Lego Bricks are a timeless toy and collectible. With each new Star Wars movie, Lego releases new Star Wars themed models. Things with The Last Jedi are no different. So far, Lego has revealed several new models tied to the new movie. These models range in difficulty from easy or beginner to advanced. They also come in a range of prices. For instance, the has 294 pieces and a prices of $29.99. A set like this is appropriate for younger children or advanced builders that just enjoy Star Wars and Lego building. It would likely take the average builder less than thirty minutes to complete.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the . This set has a price of $149.99 and is made from 1,376 pieces. Although it isn’t the most difficult Star Wars Lego model, it will likely take the average builder at least a few hours to complete. Younger builders will likely need assistance from their parents or older siblings. This set is a personal favorite of mine because I have always been fond of the AT-AT and similar Imperial assault vehicles.

If you are on a tighter budget, but still enjoy the whimsy of Lego bricks, you might also consider Lego Star Wars Microfighters. Unlike some of the previously mentioned models, these sets are not built to scale and feature exaggerated proportions. Each set comes with a mini-figure that is oversized compared to their accompanying vehicle. They are more affordable at about $9.99 per model and usually contain less than 100 pieces. Younger builders might especially enjoy these because they are simple to build and repair.

One of the advantages of a Lego model is the construction. While building the model, builders frequently notice details they may not have otherwise discovered. The First Order Assault Walker is a standout model this year. It includes five minifigures: Captain Poe Dameron, Rey, a Resistance Trooper, First Order Walker Driver, and a First Order Stormtrooper. The legs and “head/cockpit” are poseable. Plus, the model features spring loaded shooters under the cockpit and a rapid-fire stud shooter on top (which might not be suitable for younger children). The First Order Assault Walker, also known as the AT-M6, has been one of the more iconic images from the trailers for The Last Jedi so far, and would make an excellent gift for Star Wars fans excited for the upcoming movie.

–Dennis Keithly

11. Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures

This summer the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny captured our hearts and Hasbro did the same with the Forces of Destiny 11-inch adventure figures. The adventure figures have been a hit at the Gross household as my two daughters have enjoyed recreating scenes and making up their own stories. They enjoy how well the figures pose for display when they are not being played with, but the figures have great motion for fun play. The girls enjoy that the figures are the 11-inch size because they are easier to play with and the movable joints at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, knees and ankles make for some fun action play. Additionally, the figures have an action motion when the figure is twisted at the waist, one arm moves forward to swing a lightsaber, staff, or blaster.

There are currently six Adventure Figures available. , and come in solo packs with accessories. Rey comes with her staff and backpack; Sabine with her dual pistols, holster and Mandalorian helmet; and Jyn comes with club, pistol, holster and hooded scarf. and come in Adventure Figure and Friend packs. Princess Leia includes R2D2 and Rey’s friend is, of course, BB-8. The figure and friend Rey comes with Luke’s lightsaber, by the way. Finally, there is an Endor Adventure Multipack that includes with her friend Wicket. In this pack, Leia has a change of clothes from her speeder bike outfit to the dress given to her by the Ewoks. Wicket comes in this adventure pack with his spear and a bow and arrow.

Our oldest daughter, notes how great the figures look, “They all look just like the characters in the shows!” She’s right. They do look great! They are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning for children looking to create their own Star Wars stories as well as collectors looking to add something special to a Star Wars collection.

–Tom Gross

12. Star Wars Watches

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am obsessed with time [although there are family members who say that my … desire … to always be on time –- even early –- goes back to the fact that I waited an extra week to be born 😉 ], but suffice it to say I have a penchant for timepieces. If they happen to be Star Wars-related, all the better!

Star Wars watches on the market today run the gamut from affordable to high-end timepieces that retail for well over $2,000. With Black Friday [I detest that moniker] just around the corner, watches for youngsters are available at such retail outlets as Toys’R’Us and Kohl’s. My favorite is the BB-8 Kids’ Time Teacher Watch, available at Kohl’s for $10.61 through Friday [with the special code noted on the webpage]. It’s a shame it won’t fit my wrist –- although I have been known to purchase a Star Wars watch I like … well, just because I like it. 😉

If I had my druthers, I’d opt for the Han Solo “Never Tell Me The Odds” watch from Nixon that retails for $550. It features a Millennium Falcon seconds hand, a custom-printed bezel [that would be the grooved ring holding the glass cover in place – Yes, I had to look that word up] with a parsecs guide ringing the bezel, and the Millennium Falcon – noting Han Solo’s impressive 12-parsec Kessel Run time –- emblazoned on the caseback. Pretty darn impressive indeed! The Han Solo watch is part of Nixon’s Ranger line, and although the description notes the watch has a 3-link stainless steel band, the Han Solo watch is the only timepiece in the Ranger line that comes with a black leather wristband, as pictured. Prices of the line of Star Wars watches available from Nixon run the gamut between $125 and $2,500 [if you sign up for the company newsletter, you’ll get a 10 percent savings on your first order]. The company offers character-inspired timepieces as well as those devoted to the Falcon, Death Star, Jedi, and both Imperial and Rebel Pilots. [Currently, the Millennium Falcon, Princess Leia, Jedi and R2-D2 watches are out of stock. However, the Princess Leia “Can’t Hold Me Down” watch appears to be available at ThinkGeek’s website.] The Swiss company, Invicta, also has a large line of high-end Star Wars timepieces, each beautifully and meticulously handcrafted.

Perhaps, as the Rolling Stones sang in 1974, “Time Waits for No One.” Be that as it may, we still mark time. Schedules are built on it. Watches may be a throwback to a more civilized time… when someone tapped you on the shoulder, and asked, gently, “Excuse me, could you please tell me the time?” Those wrist adornments marking time certainly make a fashion statement, and I couldn’t imagine a better gift for that special Star Wars fan in your life who has … a penchant … for keeping track of time.

13. Star Wars Pet Toys

If you’re like me – that is a pet owner who celebrates holidays with gift giving – you’re likely to hang a Christmas stocking for your pet as well as wrapping a few well-chosen items for your furry friend that will be placed under the tree to be opened … well, by you, come Christmas morning.

Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their pets every year [the latest figures I was able to garner were those from 2015], and while the bulk of those dollars are spent for their pets’ care [veterinary bills, food, and services such as pet sitting and dog walking], a good chunk is spent on toys. Humans like to find ways to amuse themselves. Why wouldn’t they want the same for their pets? Being a pet owner myself, I can attest to the fact that we two-leggeds will spend beaucoup bucks on our four- and two-legged friends. Big time! 🙂 I’ve done so not only for my own pets, but also for my daughter’s and even a couple of friends’.

Petco has the Star Wars license to offer everything that you could think of that combines our love for our favorite film franchise with our love for our pets –- predominantly cats and dogs [and of those two main types of pets, dogs by far get the lion’s share of products]. Visit the company’s website, and you’ll find 154 items listed. While the stores won’t necessarily carry every single item on their shelves, still, you’ll find Star Wars represented quite prominently upon entering their doors. Online, I found an Ewok cat hat, retailing for $4.99. I must tell my oldest daughter about that. She has two cats, and her favorite Star Wars character is Wicket! Refusing to be outdone, dogs, too, can get their fill of Ewok merchandise. There is the Ewok Flattie Toy, $6.19; LED Stick Body Toy, $9.74; Sweater with Knit Hoodie, $14.99; Illusion Dog Costume, $12.99; and the Stick Toy, $7.49. Ewok-bashing aside [Who doesn’t like those friends of the Rebels?], I think it’s appropriate that an animal-inspired character gets some playtime with real animals. [Pet owners will find Chewbacca represented quite often.]

Veering away from toys, pet owners can find character beds, a Darth Vader carrier, $49.99, Chewbacca and Darth Vader Pet Treat Jars, each $14.99, and even can purchase BB-8 Emergency Engravable Pet ID Tags, $12.

Every member of the family can find something Star Wars-related under the Christmas tree this year. I know the newest member of our family, our newly-adopted feline Maple, will. If she lives in a Star Wars household, that just stands to reason. Besides, I like it that way. 🙂

–Melinda Wolf

14. Star Wars Battlefront II

Forged on the wastelands on the starship graveyard of Jakku, my hunger for all out war was discovered. The Star Wars Battlefront I took my place on the side of a Rebel faction looking to take down the invading Empire threat and their jackbooted Stormtroopers! Or if I so chose, could flip the script and put on a white bucket and mow down rebel scum at will. Players can fly ships, take the role of key heroes and villains of the franchise, and step foot on a whole host of planet battle grounds! Now with the sequel Battlefront 2 the universe is expanded and dives into both the prequels and sequels for fans. Joining such staples as Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Jyn Erso, is Yoda, Darth Maul, Rey, and Kylo Ren. Plus multiple new types of troopers such as both Clone and New Order at the ready. What Battlefront did in the first release is only heightened with this second installment. But wait, there is more!

One thing missing from the first installment was a single player campaign mission. Well, fan voices were heard and Battlefront 2 let’s players drop into an all new story based around the immediate events after Return of the Jedi. That original content alone is exciting to grab people’s attention. My kids and I have racked up tons of hours of blowing each other up and working together through missions and battles and are very excited to take advantage of all the new features. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is at the top of my list this year and is available for Xbox, Playstation, and PC platforms.

–Cory Clubb

Happy shopping, and may the Force be with you!

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