Cory Clubb Needs your Help as Part of Deadly Dozen!

Cory Clubb Needs your Help as Part of Deadly Dozen!

DeadlyDozen2_BoxSet_3D As much as I love Star Wars and our CWK family, I was also fortunate enough to be involved in another group called The Twelve.

More than 103,000 readers devoured New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Deadly Dozen and clamored for more. Now, The Twelve presents Deadly Dozen 2!

Follow the link here to get your copy of Deadly Dozen 2 and read my story Dead Letter among over 12 different and unique thriller books! ONLY .99 cents!!!

Below are listed the great stories you’ll receive!

Jack in the Green
Diane Capri
FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar track Reacher’s past in Tampa, the last place Reacher visited before his debut in Lee Child’s Killing Floor. Reacher’s retired Army Colonel has returned to MacDill Air Force Base sixteen years later, an easy target for his enemies. Including Reacher, who always shoots to kill.
Off The Clock
Brett Battles
A warning: Don’t mess with Quinn’s friends. If you do, he’ll find out. He’ll find you. No matter who you are or where you go. Because even when Quinn’s off the clock, there’s work to be done.
Cry Wolf
J. Carson Black
Laura Cardinal, Arizona DPS Criminal Investigator, investigates the homicide case that leads from violent death in a sordid motel room to a high-end prostitution ring in Las Vegas. Laura follows the trail — until she confronts true evil behind the mask.
Bed of Bones
Cheryl Bradshaw
Sometimes the deepest secrets find a way to the surface…Willie Compton and his brother found a mine shaft while hiking the hills in 1956. Now, Melody Sinclair awaits her film’s debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Based on a true story, Park City’s past invades its present.
Kill Her Again
Robert Gregory Browne
When FBI agent Anna McBride takes a multiple-homicide case, a kidnapped girl is connected to the grisly crime. Forensic hypnotist Daniel Pope claims the long dead girl is closer than blood and she will reveal a killer who kills again.
Dead Letter
Cory Clubb
It’s a simple white piece of paper with a note. Harmless. That is until Scott Remer finds out more and curiosity turns to obsession, then to madness. Can Scott find the truth before it’s too late?
Direct Action
Joshua Graham
Chris Connor stages his own death to hunt an International Russian Crime Syndicate leader, perpetrators of unimaginable evil—and the death of his first born son. In this action-packed espionage thriller, Connor learns how far a father will go to avenge his son.
Parallax View
Allan Leverone
1987, late in the Cold War, CIA operative Tracie Tanner receives a simple mission: deliver a secret document from Soviet leader Gorbachev to President Reagan. Soon, Tanner is knee-deep in murder, and running for her life, determined to complete her task, no matter the cost.
Night Prey
Carol Davis Luce
Roberta Paxton had a good job, a loving man and good friends, but someone was threatening her. Nobody believed her, not even her thirteen-year-old sister, Tobie. They were wrong. He was watching. Waiting. Until he saw Tobie.
Aaron Patterson
In this medical thriller based on a true story, one family discovers they are cursed with death. Because of a rose. It’ll make you think twice the next time you stop to smell the roses.
The Warren Omissions
Jack Patterson
When ex-CIA operative James Flynn discovers shocking new evidence revealing the mastermind of the JFK assassination, he uncovers a new sinister: The assassination of the current President to start a nuclear war. And only Flynn can stop it.
The View From Above
Gary Ponzo
A wife and husband find themselves trapped below the summit of Mt. Everest in a vicious snow storm. When the husband loses his way back to camp, his wife must try to guide him there.
Dead Celeb
Michele Scott
Evie Preston: Small-town girl and under-the-radar healer, currently trapped in a po-dunk Texas town but yearning for more. When fate moves her to Hollywood, Evie finds herself in the land of glitz, glamor, and (dead) celebrities.
The Shroud Key
Vincent Zandri
When adventurer Chas Baker examines the Shroud of Turin, he finds not only the famous image of the crucified Christ, but also the relic’s greatest secret: a map to the location of Jesus’s body.

Thanks for the support and enjoy!

-CWK co-host,

Cory Clubb

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