Three new TV spots for Star Wars Rebels have been released, and we’ve got them right here for your viewing pleasure! First up, there’s Zeb….

Meet the muscle of the rebel Ghost crew. In “Tough Guy,” a new TV spot for Star Wars Rebels, the towering Zeb shows off his impressive combat skills – and does a pretty good Wookiee impression.


Next up, Ezra….

In this TV spot for Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger meets the Ghost crew and joins their fight against the Empire, realizing he’s part of something big. And it will only get bigger.

And finally….

In this TV spot for Star Wars Rebels, the evil Empire comes to Lothal, crushing the spirits of ordinary citizens. A small group of heroes dares to fight back, drawing the attention of Agent Kallus and the mysterious Inquisitor.

Star Wars Rebels premieres with an hour-long special on Friday, October 3 on the Disney Channel. The regular series premieres on Monday, October 13 on Disney XD. Click here for complete details.

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