Check Out This Amazing Star Wars Push-Pin Art!

Check Out This Amazing Star Wars Push-Pin Art!

Everyone loves to play with office supplies, right? Work days can be long, and boring at times, so you need to break up the monotony somehow. Some people might make little planes or paperclip chains, but we all know Star Wars fans are considerably more creative than that, especially when May the 4th is around the corner. Give an office full of fans a chance, and they’ll create something truly amazing. Such as the incredible Star Wars push-pin art created by the design team at Viking.

Check it out below:

We love using our products to make our offices a little brighter. We’ve made giant post-it note murals and even recreated famous works of art on whiteboards. For our newest project, and because we have so many Star Wars fans in the office anticipating the new Solo movie, we wanted to transform one of our office desks into a beautiful piece of artwork that would get people’s creative juices flowing.

That’s when we found the final piece of our artistic puzzle – push pins! Coloured pins are a fantastic tool to transform an everyday office desk into a gorgeous work of art. Close-up, they may simply look like blocks of colour, but the further away you are, the more detailed the image becomes!


Find out more about how this impressive feat was accomplished by visiting:

Thank you to Viking for sharing their images and video.

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