A few new spots for Star Wars Rebels have popped up on YouTube over the last few days, and we’ve got ’em right here.

The Star Wars Rebels “A New Battle” TV spot tells of the current state of the galaxy: the Clone Wars are over, the Empire has risen, and the rebellion is about to begin. The spot features glimpses of key scenes from the new animated series, including Obi-Wan Kenobi’s recorded message from the end of the Clone Wars, the Inquisitor versus Kanan, an AT-DP pursing Hera, and more.

In this Star Wars Rebels TV spot, “Join Hera and Sabine,” the Ghost crew’s ace pilot and explosives expert take a stand against the tyranny of the Empire. Hera steers the Ghost, blasts TIEs, and encourages Ezra to fight for others; Sabine reveals to the Jedi-to-be why she’s become a rebel, and takes on stormtroopers and Imperial craft.

And here’s a look ahead at what to expect in the first season:

Don’t forget, the October 20th episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Fighter Flight,” is now available for viewing on the WatchDisneyXD app!

Sources: Star Wars Rebels – YouTube and Andy Peachey – YouTube

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