Check Out the Award-Winning Star Wars Fan Film ‘Emergence’

Check Out the Award-Winning Star Wars Fan Film ‘Emergence’


Once again, the creativity of Star Wars fans comes front and center. The Star Wars-inspired fan film, Emergence, recently won Best Picture Under $5000 at the Underfunded Film Festival and FilmQuest Film Festival, and it is now available to watch online.

View some original artwork, behind-the-scenes images, and the film itself below:

Emergence is a character-driven Star Wars fan film that explores the strength and courage it takes to overcome the crippling internal battles of anxiety and depression. It portrays the journey of Jedi apprentice Alenna after she finds herself injured, blind and alone on a foreign planet.

Filmed throughout Utah in Provo, Payson Canyon, Rock Canyon, and the Alpine Loop, Emergence is a crowd-funded production that heavily relied on volunteer work and support from the local filmmaking community.

Thank you to Avant-garde Productions.

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