Check Out Making Tracks Episode 4 from Fantha Tracks

Check Out Making Tracks Episode 4 from Fantha Tracks

The summer is here, there’s a Star Wars film in cinemas and Making Tracks returns to pour you a cold one and talk the Wars. This week Mark and Dave are joined by a trio of galactic guests including designer and sculptor Martin Rezard, Benthic performer Aidan Cook and dialect coach and Major Ematt actor Andrew Jack. It’s a busy one, so get comfy and enjoy the show.

SOURCE URL: https://soundcloud.com/fanthatracksradio/making-tracks-episode-4-meaty-debating

DOWNLOAD: https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/463387209/download?secret_token=s-80OKp&client_id=Iy5e1Ri4GTNgrafaXe4mLpmJLXbXEfBR

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