Check Out the Latest ‘Comic Book Galaxy’ by Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Z

Check Out the Latest ‘Comic Book Galaxy’ by Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Z

In the newest installment of Comic Book Galaxy on StarWars.com, Coffee With Kenobi host Dan Z examines how Marvel’s Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel successfully took on the gothic horror genre. He also takes a look at the latest in Star Wars comics, including Star Wars #33, Darth Vader #3, and Darth Maul #5.

You can read an excerpt below:

The last few weeks of Star Wars comics have provided plenty of thrills and excitement. In Star Wars #33, Luke and Leia are stranded on a remote ocean planet, and discover an AT-AT doing its best submarine impression. In Darth Maul#5, the titular Sith Lord finds the Jedi he has been hunting could make a good apprentice, and in Darth Vader #3, the former Jedi continues his quest to forge a Sith lightsaber in unconventional fashion. Speaking of unconventional, “The Screaming Citadel” crossover has a number of elements of gothic literature that are unique to the tone of the Star Wars universe, which we’ll discuss at length. Let’s get started.

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Be sure to check the archive of Dan’s previous writings for the official site here.

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