Check Out Coffee With Kenobi Host Dan Z’s First Article for IGN!

Check Out Coffee With Kenobi Host Dan Z’s First Article for IGN!

Because he clearly has too much time on his hands, host of Coffee With Kenobi, Dan Z, is now a contributor to IGN! In his first article for the site, Dan looks at another topic close to his heart — Superman! You can read an excerpt from “The Best of Superman’s Many Comic Book Origin Stories” below:

Even if you’ve never read a Superman comic, the odds are high that you know his origin story. It seems details about the Man of Steel are ingrained in our collective psyche, from John Williams’ classic theme to the old “Faster than a speeding bullet” narration and beyond. We know all about Superman, where he came from, his tendency to get weak in the knees for Lois Lane or green rocks, the ability of a pair of spectacles to hide a superhero and so on. His origin is part of our American culture.

However, this mythology isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. Over Superman’s 80-year history, some of the finest comics creators have explored his origin and added their own touches to his vast legacy. And the latest writer to bring his own spin to Kal-El is superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis, who’ll take the reins of the Kryptonian with Action Comics #1,000 in April and then continue in the pages of his six-issue miniseries Man of Steel starting in May. Where Bendis will take the character has yet to be fully revealed; it’s got to be a daunting task. Superman’s impact and legacy is rich, but so is Bendis’ status as a comic book visionary. But he has promised some major changes to the character’s status quo — while staying true to the heart of what makes Superman so ubiquitous and beloved.

You can read Dan’s article in its entirety at

Congratulations, Dan! We’re all very proud of you and your accomplishments!

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