Catch Up With The Latest Features From CWK’s Dan Z!

Catch Up With The Latest Features From CWK’s Dan Z!


Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z has a new feature posted on, and it’s all about comics! “Comic Book Galaxy” will appear weekly and will focus what’s new in the world of Star Wars comics. The first entry highlights issue #1 of Marvel’s comic book adaptation of The Force Awakens and previews Darth Vader #22.

Here is an excerpt:

For comic book fans, Wednesday is one thing and one thing only: New Comic Book Day! And is set to mark the hallowed occasion with Comic Book Galaxy, a weekly column celebrating all the goings-on in Marvel’s Star Wars comics. In Comic Book Galaxy, will look at “The Week That Was” in Star Wars comics, feature a preview of this week’s releases in “Top of the Stack,” and provide some food for thought on the Star Wars comic book universe in “Word Balloon.” In this first installment, checks out the first comic book adaptation of a Star Wars film since 1983, previews Darth Vader #22, and asks what makes a comic book adaptation so meaningful. Let’s dive in!

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Also, in case you missed it, Dan’s most recent installment of his ongoing “Studying Skywalkers” series is available now on the official Star Wars blog. This time, the carbon freeze chamber scene from The Empire Strikes Back is analyzed.

Read an excerpt here:

A Star Wars film speaks to its audience on many different levels, and in many different ways. It can be entertaining, can feature insights into the human condition, and can enrapture us with beautiful and profound imagery. The latter is of particular interest here, in that Star Wars is not only a terrific story with beloved characters, but also is cinematic art. Much has been said about the craft of film when examining the Star Wars cinematic universe and that is because each movie is replete with visual splendor.

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Check out an archive of Dan’s previous work here.

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