Book Review: “Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide: Tales from the Underworld” by Daniel Wallace

Book Review: “Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide: Tales from the Underworld” by Daniel Wallace

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide: Tales from the Underworld is Daniel Wallace’s latest addition to the in-world books that have taken you inside the various factions of that galaxy far, far away. Those books have covered the Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Imperials, and Rebels. This edition takes us into the fascinating and exiting world of smugglers.

As I look back, smugglers, smuggling, and the underworld have been an intricate part of Star Wars since 1977. That is when I first saw Star Wars: A New Hope, with Han and Chewie “smuggling” Luke, Ben, R2, & C-3PO off of Tatooine.

As I scan the current world of Star Wars, smugglers and smuggling is EVERYWHERE. In books, we see it in Zoraida Cordova’s new book A Crash of Fate set on the planet of Batuu. In comics, we see it in the 5-part Marvel miniseries titled Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We also can read about perhaps the “greatest” archaeologist/smuggler of them all, Dr. Aphra, in her own Marvel series of comics. In the realm of Star Wars animated shows, we have the wonderful Hondo Ohnaka. He isn’t a pirate! He is a “legitimate” business man! Very importantly, we see Hondo in the Star Wars themed land (in California and Florida), Galaxy’s Edge, smuggling everything in his “legitimate” company called Ohnaka Transport Solutions.

In this guide, recovered from a strongbox within the Millennium Falcon, Daniel Wallace beautifully weaves together not only the smuggling activities of colorful characters such as Maz Kanata, Dryden Vos, Dok Ondar, Lando Calrissian, Dexter Jettser (yes, Dex!), Hondo Ohnaka, and Han Solo, but he also gives you cool insights and details behind the entire Star Wars saga.

Do you want to hear more of “The Calrissian Chronicles” that you first heard about in Solo: A Star Wars Story? You better read this guide.

Do you want to learn more about the relationship between Maz Kanata and the Master Code Breaker? It’s in the guide!

Do you want to get into the crazy mind of Dr. Evazan? It is wild (wow), and it is in this guide!

There are so many other thiefs, pirates, gamblers, and smugglers to mention here. For the reader, it is a treat to discover all of them.

Lastly, Daniel Wallace ends this guide in a brilliant, brilliant manner. I will leave it to you, the reader, to enjoy it for yourself.

I recommend this book without reservation.

–David Modders
Co-Host of Resistance Reactions & Rebels Reactions

goes on sale September 17, 2019.

Thank you to Chronicle Books for providing a copy of this book for review purposes.

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