Book Review: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD

Book Review: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD

Star Wars Read Along

2015 is undoubtedly the year of Star Wars, and along with that comes the nostalgia that so many feel for Star Wars, particularly the original trilogy. Not many things provide as much nostalgia as the vintage read-along storybook, and Walt Disney Records and Lucasfilm have released a brand new version of this medium, complete with CD. The first in the series is, naturally, Episode IV.

This version, written by Randy Thornton, boasts a stellar voice cast, including Anthony Daniels as everyone’s favorite protocol droid, Pat Parris as Leia, Perry King as Han Solo, and Brock Peters as Darth Vader. Much of the cast of the Radio Drama is here, and the quality of voice shines through. Perhaps the accompanying music of John Williams sells it though; it’s tough to look at these gorgeous, photorealistic images from without hearing Williams’ score in your head, and the accompanying CD provides the musical queues you love. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane that you are sure to enjoy.

I first listened to the CD with my son, and it was great to hear him “Ooh” and “Aah” as we turned each page. The only downside to the experience for me was the sound effect when you turn the page; the original release from my youth featured the beep of R2-D2; this version has a musical harp sound that has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars. This feels like a misstep, but it’s a relatively minor one. The joy of the Star Wars Read-Along Storybook, complete with the CD, is a fun experience that will have you reliving beautiful memories of the Read-Along records of the past in a unique way.

Purchase Star Wars Read-Along Storybook and CD Here

Note: A big thanks to Disney and Lucasfilm Press for providing an advanced copy to review.

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