Book Review: Lego Star Wars: The Dark Side by Daniel Lipkowitz

Book Review: Lego Star Wars: The Dark Side by Daniel Lipkowitz

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Has LEGO gone to the Dark Side? Let’s hope not, but they take us for a journey to explore the Dark Side of the Star Wars universe in LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side by Daniel Lipkowitz.

The cover draws you into the Darks Side with predominantly black and red hues and the bust of Lego Darth Vader and his lightsaber inviting you in. But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the book for collectors and Star Wars enthusiasts is the exclusive minifigure of Emperor Palpatine.

Lipkowitz, editor and story developer for LEGO group and author of DK’s best selling The LEGO Book, The LEGO Idea Book, and LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary, knows his Star Wars facts. The book is filled with colorful LEGO-built scenes of important Dark Side moments in the Star Wars timeline: the Republic, the Clone Wars and the Empire eras. The amazing gallery of LEGO Star Wars characters, ships and weapons is mind blowing and kept me and my daughter turning through the pages time and time again. The fact boxes, descriptions of the scenes, and the “Data Files” are well written and include interesting Star Wars facts and storyline. This book is also filled with classic Star Wars quotes from the Dark Side! On top of it all is some great, campy Star Wars humor. Lipkowitz adds cartoon word bubbles with humorous dialogue as when Nute Gunray says, “I’ll just hide back here during all of the action, okay?” There are also many images that will make you smile like the one where Obi wan Kenobi is relaxing under the sun poolside while being served a cool drink by Chopper.

All you “Rebel Scum” don’t despair, the rebel heroes make plenty of appearances throughout the book as in the “Enemies of the Dark Side” sections in each chapter. Even the Rebels of Lothal make an appearance in this book.

So while you ponder whether you should pop out the exclusive LEGO minifigure of the Emperor or keep him safely in place, you will revisit the pages of this book and find something funny, something cool, and something new every time.

-Tom Gross; Coffee With Kenobi Guest Reviewer

Note: A big thanks to DK Publishing for providing an advanced copy to review.

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