BB-8 Comes to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in New Legendary Event

BB-8 Comes to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in New Legendary Event

If you’ve been playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes but always wished you could add BB-8 to your squad, here’s your chance to acquire to adorable and resourceful little droid. A new event is now underway, and you can find out more from EA below:

In the new legendary event, Pieces and Plans, players take control of several characters in the militant First Order to hunt down the secret intel housed within BB-8. Battle against iconic Resistance characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ to unlock and add BB-8 to your collection.

One of BB-8’s signature abilities is called, Illuminated Destiny, which removes negative status effects from his allies and grants bonus Turn Meter. This makes BB-8 an excellent character to use in combat missions within the new Territory Battles campaign.

In player squads, BB-8 is at his best when paired with Resistance and/or droid characters. With an all-Resistance squad, BB-8 can inflict multiple Expose debuffs, which combos with Finn’s leader ability to reduce ally cooldowns and gain bonus Turn Meter.

In an all-droid squad, BB-8 will prompt R2-D2 to assist in a counter-attack, first hitting the target with Tenacity Down to then increase the odds of Artoo’s stun attack.

BB-8 and the “Pieces and Plans” legendary event is available for a limited time in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.



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