Audiobook Review: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, Narrated by Marc Thompson

Audiobook Review: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, Narrated by Marc Thompson

Well, Mr. Zahn, welcome to the new canon!!! We have been waiting for you. This week the grass is a little greener and the sky is a little bluer, as our Legends/Expanded Universe writing hero, Timothy Zahn has taken his place at the Canon table. What better way to enter the new timeline than to bring an old iconic friend with you! Mith’rawn’urruodo, otherwise known as, Thrawn. It seems that with all the new material that has been published recently and as more time has passed since the last Zahn story, my appreciation for his talent had gone a bit dormant. Well it’s alive and well once again. I can’t wait to tell you why.

Let’s start as we always do with the audio production. We have finally received some new tone-setting background music this time around. Up until now, the music for the Star Wars audiobooks had been pulled from the John Williams catalog. Those of you that are fans of Star Wars Rebels the animated series will recognize the name Kevin Kiner. He is the composer of all of the music for Rebels as well as all 6 season of the Clone Wars. The opening dialog with Thrawn’s sultry voice is accompanied by the haunting theme we animation fans are all familiar with, “Thrawn’s Web.” Throughout the entire novel, Thrawn is featured with his frequent journaling of his experience climbing the imperial ranks. His voice, as well as the narration, is provided by Marc Thompson. Those of you that listen to the Legends Library podcast and have read any of these audiobook review blogs, know that we are huge fans of Marc Thompson’s work. So to avoid any gushing, geekness here, let me just say that Zahn and Thompson are the perfect combination of author and narrator. Enough said.

I will remain spoiler free, of course, but let me tell you about the story. Timothy Zahn brings back much of the story that we Legends fans are familiar with. This time around he provides more detail about Thrawn’s origin but just as much drama when he introduces our main character. There are however many character inclusions from the more recent canon timeline. Some notable additions are Admiral Yularen and Govenor Price. There are some pretty cool cameos from Palps and Tarkin among others, but like I said no spoilers. Even the last paragraph has a reveal which is the cherry on top of an intense story and a nod to Legends fans.

The whole way through I kept thinking to myself, “Who is more brilliant Thrawn as a character or Zahn as a writer?” With every passing hour I knew I was getting closer to the end and didn’t want that end to come. The book is filled with a series of strategic scenarios that Thrawn faces and with each problem solved he moves up in rank. His companion Ensign Eli Vanto is the character that we would all probably most relate to. Over the entire book we endeared to this character in a way similar to Pellaeon from the Zahn novels in the past. Also throughout the book is an overall plot line as Thrawn goes toe to toe with the antagonist, a person named Night Swan.

I am truly sad that I am finished with this book. I wanted to go on forever. I hope that season four of Rebels leaves Thrawn alive and that he might return later on in the timeline as he did in the Legends timeline. I also hope that Timothy Zahn continues to be given invitations to write Star Wars books. He is a known commodity, incredibly talented and has created such a huge community of characters for us all to enjoy. Once again I say, welcome home Mr. Zahn. So glad you’re back.

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Thank you to Random House Audio for providing this audiobook for review purposes.

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