Audiobook Review: Star Wars, Lando’s Luck, by Justina Ireland, Read by Soneela Nankani

Audiobook Review: Star Wars, Lando’s Luck, by Justina Ireland, Read by Soneela Nankani

The Star Wars audiobook catalog is broadening its audience. Along with the recent release of the Adventures in Wild Space series comes the new series, Star Wars, Flight of the Falcon! Authored by galaxy newcomer, Justina Ireland and narrated by Soleena Nankani, Lando’s Luck is short but pretty fun to listen too. This story is aimed at the 8-12-year-old reader but as with any Star Wars tale, a story told well is a story worth reading/listening.

We are hooked right away in the prologue by the mysterious character Bazine Netal. She is the black and white outfitted character we met at Maz’s castle in The Force Awakens. She is looking for the ship called the Millennium Falcon and is meeting with an old woman to follow a lead. The old woman tells a tale that ends up to be the true story of this book. We are thrust back into current time (relative to this book) in the epilogue when Bazine losses contact with her storyteller when the old woman craftily disappears.

The main story is about red herring called, The Solstice Globe. it is one of three globes said to provide environmental resources to the planet, Livno III. It somehow found it’s way to Hynestia. The princess of Hynestia, Rinetta Gan, L3 and Lando find themselves aligning to return The Solstice Globe back to the rightful owners in order to balance their weather system and restore the planet’s environment. The globe, in the end turns out to be something all of us Prequel fans are all to familiar with. I will save that for you to discover.

Though this book is short, it is packed full adventure and continues to reinforce the new iteration of Lando Calrissian. The narration was clean and lightly characterized making it easy to get swept away in imagination mode. It will be interesting to see where the rest of this series goes, following the epic life of the Falcon.

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