Audiobook Review: Rogue One by Alexander Freed, Read by Jonathan Davis

Audiobook Review: Rogue One by Alexander Freed, Read by Jonathan Davis

After much anticipation and patience we have finally been given the back story for the Death Star, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! At the same time the movie was released the novel and audiobook were put on the market for our enjoyment. For an old-school EU/Legends guy like myself there is something comforting and reassuring about the fact that narrators like Marc Thompson, and in this case Jonathan Davis, have been retained as readers of Star Wars novels. Davis uses his powerful pros reading voice, and vast collection of character voices to bring this amazing story even more to life.

The audio production of this book is exactly what we have come to expect from Random House Audio. The use of the original Star Wars sound effect catalog is inserted very tastefully as always. Those looking for the new music composed by Michael Giacchino will have look elsewhere. This audiobook only contains older cues from the John Williams catalog. Every layer of the production was compiled with excellence and care.

Now onto the novel itself. I was very pleased to discover that this novel contained a lot of new material. Not only did Alexander Freed present the main story and all it details but within that story was a series of data files and communication interludes. I found myself surprised at each one of those segments but also very entertained. Especially the last entry written by Mon Mothma about Jyn Erso. So touching. It was so refreshing to be given little moments of new story inside of this….well, new story. A big thanks to the story group for giving us a little something extra for our investment in the novel. I also enjoyed the deeper perspective we get from each character as the author allowed us into the mind of the Rogue One crew and I became more endeared to each character. I was truly moved by Bodhi and Chirrut’s thoughts throughout the novel.

Overall this was an exquisitely performed and very well written story. Long after the film leaves the theaters, I will be able to listen to the tale of Rogue One. At least until the blu-ray version comes out.

You can purchase your copy of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story audiobook here.

Thank you to Random House Audio for providing a copy of the audiobook for preview purposes.

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