Audiobook Review: ‘The Legends of Luke Skywalker’ by Ken Liu, Narrated by January LaVoy

Audiobook Review: ‘The Legends of Luke Skywalker’ by Ken Liu, Narrated by January LaVoy

is the latest offering in the long list of, Journey to the Last Jedi, books. To be honest I am not sure what the point was when commissioning the writing of this book. I know every novel can’t be a life changer but giving the reader some nugget of purpose would be helpful. I don’t necessarily blame the author here because I feel like the book was well written. It’s the vision or concept of the book that is….confusing? Discouraging? No, frustrating!

Maybe, once I see the movie, I will see this book in a different light, but for now this one is going to have to stay on the shelf. I know in the past, even back to the Legends/EU days, there were Star Wars books published that did not push the story forward in preparation for a movie release but why publish a book that does not contain any canonical info? Sure, You have to leave space for the new movie and not give spoilers. I get it. These “Legends” are fiction in universe! This book I guess would be considered canonically, non-canonical because the stories told by the characters in this book were second-hand and very farfetched. And if they are true some stories mess with our view of how Luke Skywalker is perceived by the galaxy in hindsight. I should be transparent and say that I have never written or published a book. I feel awful criticizing someone’s hard work, but I read each Star Wars book already giving the benefit of the doubt. It takes a lot for me to not like something Star Wars.

The narrator, January LaVoy, is as always top-notch. She is a professional and performs the book with the quality I have come to expect from a talent of her caliber. Choosing her to read kept some of the mystery in the novel because it seemed that hiding the identity of the characters telling the stories or the audience to the stories for that matter was key. In one story Luke himself was one of the bystanders listening. This was the highlight for me. Luke responded to an incorrect version of the Death Star’s destruction story and did not defend himself. It was to January LaVoy’s advantage that Luke’s voice was not easily identified. That kept the mystery of the moment and was pretty cool. Other than that regretfully I did not like this book. I will keep an eye out for the next book, Canto Bight.

You can order the audiobook of now from Amazon.

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