Audiobook Review: ‘Aftermath: Empire’s End’ by Chuck Wendig, Read by Marc Thompson

Audiobook Review: ‘Aftermath: Empire’s End’ by Chuck Wendig, Read by Marc Thompson

Wow! I just finished Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig. I feel as though I have been on a rollercoaster ride with out a seatbelt! I had so much fun listening to this audiobook. Even though this book had a beastly listening time of 16 hours, it was so worth it. I have to be completely transparent and say right up front that I was not the biggest fan of the first two books of this series. I did listen to them because I am a fan of all Star Wars books. I feel at peace knowing that those books brought us all to this one. I don’t intend to spoil anything for anyone here. My goal of this post is to encourage you to invest the time or agree with the rest of you that this book rocks!

First off, the music is still original trilogy John Williams music. No new content there. I look forward to the day that the new soundtrack material from The Force Awakens and Rogue One make their way into the audiobook production. Marc Thompson provided his talent to the narration of this book. No one does a better Han Solo than Mr. Thompson! He even did a little Jar Jar, though I am still trying to figure out the significance of that scene. The length of this book did not get in the way due to the excellent performance and production of this audiobook.

Secondly, the story itself. This book takes place on and around Jakku for the most part. It also brings us to an exciting conclusion through the events of the Battle of Jakku, as the Empire comes to an end. Not a spoiler, we kind of saw this coming, hence the title. There were so many plot threads throughout this book and as I shared with the listening audience of Legends Library each story line was one that I was eager to find the conclusion to. Seeing Snap Wexley on-screen has new meaning to me. His droid Mr. Bones makes me want an old battle droid as a best friend. There is an appearance of Emporer Palpatine? Yup Palps! You gotta read this book. By the time you finished reading this book you know the story of the Star Destroyer the is half-buried and being scavenged by Rey in The Force Awakens.

I have read all of the prequels of every Star Wars movie and this one is now my favorite. I consider listening to every minute of this book time well spent. If you have not read this, it is a must read. Also, if you have not read the first two books in this series that’s ok. Empire’s End has huge stand alone value. Well until the next release, Thrawn, about 40 days from now, may the force be with you.


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