Announcing Three ‘Phasma’ Special Editions with Exclusive Character Posters

Announcing Three ‘Phasma’ Special Editions with Exclusive Character Posters

Fans of the mysterious Captain Phasma, first seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, are not only anticipating her return in The Last Jedi, but are also looking forward to exploring more of her own story. Everyone will be able to do just that when the upcoming novel, , by Delilah S. Dawson, is released on Force Friday, September 1.

In addition to the regular edition, several retailers will have exclusive double-sided posters to go along with the release. Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble will each have a different poster to offer.

Find out more from Del Rey below:

When Phasma goes on-sale on FORCE FRIDAY there will be THREE special editions each with an exclusive double-sided character poster.

One side of each poster will feature a gorgeous piece of Phasma art. The other will feature one of three NEW characters from the book, each with a connection to Phasma. To know exactly what that connection is, you’ll have to read Phasma when it releases on Fri Sept 1, FORCE FRIDAY.

The special editions will be available at BARNES AND NOBLE, WALMART, and TARGET.

Get the special First Order poster from Barnes and Noble. The Resistance Fighter from Target, and The Mysterious Man from Walmart.

(The Phasma art is by Larry Rostant, the new character posters by James Zapata)

Captain Phasma – On Each Poster

First Order Poster – Barnes & Noble

The Resistance Fighter – Target

The Mysterious Man – Walmart

Source: Star Wars Books | Facebook

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