Announcing the Star Wars Podcast Awards! Choose Your Nominees Today!

Announcing the Star Wars Podcast Awards! Choose Your Nominees Today!


If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s a good bet you’ve listened to a podcast or two (or dozen!). Since you’re here at the home of Coffee With Kenobi, you’re probably a listener to our family of shows. Have you ever wished you could recognize your favorite shows in a more formal way? Well, here’s your chance! Introducing the Star Wars Podcast Awards!

Here’s how you can get involved. Visit and choose your nominees by filling out two brief surveys. Below is some helpful information:

Hello there! Welcome to the first Star Wars Podcast Awards!

The premise of the project is simple, gather nominations for our favourites in the Star Wars podcasting community, open up voting, and then have a live podcast event where we share the people’s choice.

Right now we are in the stages of gathering nominations and need your say in that process.

A survey has been created to anonymously gather the community’s choices for each category. Submissions will end on February 16th and we will begin to organize a poll so you, the fans, can vote for your favourite nominees!

Categories are as follows:


We try to stay humble around here at CWK… but we’d greatly appreciate your support! If you enjoy what we do here, please consider nominating us in the applicable categories.

You can stay up to date with the Star Wars Podcast Awards on Facebook and Twitter.

Let your voice be heard! Visit and nominate your favorite Star Wars (*cough*CoffeeWithKenobi*cough*) podcasts today! 🙂

Thank you, and may the Force be with all the nominees!

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