Announcing the Launch of Geek University on YouTube

Announcing the Launch of Geek University on YouTube


Launch of Geek University
New YouTube channel puts academic spin on Star Wars.

A new YouTube channel, Geek University, examines popular fandoms and provides academic insight into their story. The channel delivers three episodes each week on the following topics:

1) A video essay discussing the geek franchise and how it relates to world religions, philosophies, history, art, science, and more. (Tuesday)
2) A video delving into the real-world history of the franchise. (Friday)
3) A video explaining the lore/story of the franchise. (Saturday)

From now until the end of April 2016, the channel will focus on Star Wars. Topics include Ring Theory, mythology, The Force Awakens and WWII, the science of superweapons, and much more.

Potential franchises for future discussion include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Doctor Who, and Star Trek, among others.

Geek University is created by Jason Hamilton, in association with The channel aims to bring academic appreciation to geek culture and have fun while doing so. Jason is available for interviews.

You can visit the channel at:


Thank you to Jason Hamilton for the press release.


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