Announcing the New Star Wars Book Subscription Box from Youtini

Announcing the New Star Wars Book Subscription Box from Youtini

Introducing Youtini, the all-new Star Wars book subscription box service! It’s the first ever service of its kind, and is a great way to get quality Star Wars books — Canon and Legends — delivered right to your door each month. That’s not all you’ll get, though. Also included will be official Star Wars merchandise and Youtini-branded items.

Youtini launches on December 22, 2017. That’s when they will reveal their official products and begin accepting paid subscriptions, with the first shipments expected to go out at the end of January or early February (pending book release schedule announcements for Star Wars: The Last Jedi tie-in material).

Here’s more info from Youtini:

The current plan is to offer 3 different products at launch offered on a monthly basis.

The Youtini Box priced in the $35-40 range which includes:
• The most recent STAR WARS Canon novel released within the last 30 days
• A STAR WARS Legends novel that fits our theme and perfectly pairs with the previously mentioned Canon book
• A curated guide outlining how each book fits into the big picture and STAR WARS timeline, backstories to the books, and our reasoning behind choosing them for this month’s box
• Personally-selected STAR WARS merchandise
• Specialty and limited edition Youtini branded gear

The Youtini Bag priced in the $18-25 range: Either Canon or Legends Edition which includes:
• Either the same Canon or Legends book we send in the Youtini Box that month
• The same guided reading guide materials and low scale Youtini-branded merchandise.

You can follow Youtini on social media, and they are open to suggestions from users as to what content they would like to see each month. You can find Youtini on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to visit their official website at

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