And They Came In Threes

And They Came In Threes

Star Wars, since its inception, has had an affinity with trios and more commonly trilogies. Recently while listening to some audiobooks at work (how lucky am I?) I realized just how many trilogies of Star Wars material appear together and are able to be put together. Obviously there are the original trilogy, prequel trilogy, and now the sequel trilogy of films, but there are plenty of other trilogies that can be put together to create their own story arcs. I’ll go through some of the ones that are more commonly known of while exploring a few I put together on my own.

We all know about the film trilogies and how they fit together. There have been dedicated trilogies in the literature realm starting with what is known as the Thrawn trilogy. The storytelling style of The Clone Wars lent itself to containing trios of episodes that tied together featuring such threads as the Mortis arc, the Boba Fett/Mace Windu arc, and the Mandalore arc. What is it about Star Wars that lends itself to putting things into threes? The benefit of using this type of formula for storytelling lets those that are writing or putting it together to have the freedom of fully realizing the stories goals and the time to execute them. Throughout all the trilogies we’ve seen with the films and the examples I listed above, being able to enjoy a story told using a grander scale, more often than not, leaves us with much more satisfaction at its conclusion.

The Clone Wars utilized this kind of spanning arc storytelling very effectively. Most notably in the shows third season, the majority of the second half of the season featured, who would’ve guessed it, a trio of trilogies. The Nightsisters arc, followed by the Mortis arc, followed by the Citadel arc are some of the strongest episodes of the series’ history. All three arcs are equally different in execution and explore very different aspects of the characters involved. The strength of these arcs comes from the way each story is able to naturally weave itself in and out of key plot points while always keeping the themes coordinated. You can see just how clearly the effort from the crew of the show was on full display with these stories.

With the release of Rogue One last year in December, another trilogy of its own sprouted up. The film can be sandwiched between Episode III and Episode IV in what can be called the Rise of the Empire trilogy. After the release of the film it gave a completely new perspective to A New Hope, and especially if you watch them back to back. The addition of Revenge of the Sith to this sequence enables us to witness the collapse of the Republic and Jedi order alongside the formation of the Empire, the Death Star’s creation and first applications of it, while then transitioning to the introduction of Luke Skywalker and ultimate destruction of the Death Star. It’s fascinating at how all these stories and events are able to coalesce into each other while also standing out on their own at the same time.

Rogue One actually comes into play for this final trilogy that inspired this deep dive. The film plays the part of the meat of the sandwich again except using the novelization from Alexander Freed this time. Book ending (badum-tiss!) the novelization would be Beth Revis’ Rebel Rising and Christie Golden’s Inferno Squad. Rebel Rising tells the story of Jyn Erso after being picked up by Saw Gerrera and joining his group of partisans and her excursions following his abandonment. This plays very well into the Rogue One novelization which continues to give us Jyn’s point of view on how the events of her life have played out. Continuing on into Inferno Squad we see the fall out of the Death Star’s destruction and the entreaties that Iden Versio and her team make to take out the partisans once and for all. Inferno Squad reintroduces characters from Rebel Rising and shows just how much of an impact Saw Gerrera had on the Galaxy. I’m in the middle of listening to the audiobook of Inferno Squad (I’ve already read the print version) and it’s really cool to see these three stories form themselves into an intriguing arc.

Trilogies have clearly had an important on the Star Wars saga over the years and I have a strong feeling that they will continue to in the future.

How about you? Have you taken a look at any of the trios and off-the-beaten-path trilogies throughout the Star Wars universe? There are plenty of pieces of material to go out and create your own from! Give a comment below or email in.

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