Ahsoka’s Untold Tales — A Guest Blog by Walt Fishon

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales — A Guest Blog by Walt Fishon

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales — A Guest Blog by Walt Fishon

The “Ahsoka’s Untold Tales” panel during During One of Celebration Europe revealed a plethora of tasty tidbits relating to what would have been the remainder of the sixth as well as the final seasons of Star Wars: Clone Wars. The panel, moderated by David Collins, featured Supervising Director Dave Filoni, the Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo and the voice of Ahsoka herself, Ashley Eckstein, who flew in for the day just for the event. The hour-long conversation revealed what would have become of Ahsoka immediately following her split with the Jedi Order, as well as the future of Darth Maul and how the two became so intertwined that he seemed to know her quite well in the season two finale of Rebels.


Toddler Ahsoka

While we know Plo Koon discovered young Ahsoka and her abilities, we would have learned that a woman by the name of LaTrans would have also found her, but her beauty belied the fact that she was a bounty hunter whose mission was to kidnap infant Jedi. It would have been a nice counter-balance between beauty and beast, as both LaTrans and Plo Koon embody both, but inner beauty is what is key.

Love was in the air

Lux Bonteri would not have been Ahsoka’s only crush. She would have been given a love interest of sorts in a Level 1313 character named Nix Okame. After leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka would have found sanctuary (and adventure) in the lower depths of Coruscant. Nix would have added to the ranks of Asian characters that are beginning to populate the Star Wars universe. The audience was treated to a viewing of a roughly animated clip – a la the “Bad Batch” arc that can be viewed on StarWars.com – showing Ahsoka quietly coming to Nix’s rescue after he is beaten by thugs. From the gleeful response to seeing a butt-kicking Ahsoka, it was apparent the audience’s love affair with the character is far from over.


The beginning of the end

The most touching moment of the panel had to be when Filoni explained the final episodes of the series would have brought Clone Wars right to the doorstep of Revenge of the Sith. Ahsoka, along with Bo Katan, was to work with the Jedi relating to unrest on Mandalore, where Darth Maul had established himself as a shadow ruler. The Jedi council would have directed Anakin and Obi-Wan to assist Ahsoka, but after a fashion, the two Jedi would get called back to Coruscant when the Separatists attack the planet and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine. Not wanting to leave her alone, the Jedi make Ahsoka a general and Anakin’s parting gift to his former padawan, one who had made him so proud over the years, would have been her own squad of clones, including Rex, all of whom would have painted their helmets orange with her white facial pattern. This information brought Ashley Eckstein, and a number of people in the audience to tears.


Filoni and Hidalgo shared these unknown aspects of Ahsoka Tano’s story in advance of the upcoming YA novel Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston. The book, to be released in October, will fill in the years between the end of Clone Wars and Ahsoka’s role as Fulcrum in Rebels. In preparing Johnston for writing the novel, Filoni shared these missing elements of Ahsoka’s story and some references to these plot points have made their way into the novel.

As for Ahsoka’s future? Filoni would not say if she is alive or dead following the Rebels Season Two finale, but he did say fans have not seen the last of her. In what form she may return, Filoni would not elaborate, but the information gave fans a glimmer of hope that they have not seen the last of their favorite former padawan.

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