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If you were to ask me what I remember about Saturday, April 18th 2015, my answer would be: “Just … images really, feelings.” And yet, it’s a day that I’ll never forget.

No, this isn’t going to be a symbolic blog or even anything remotely close. Nor will it be, creatively or critically, thought-provoking. What it will be, is an open-window passageway, or reflection, on my personal experiences of that day; a Rebels reconnection.

Of course, by the time you read this post, some of you will have already seen the premiere of Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal,” but back then, on April 18th, that was not the case. In fact, I can’t even put into words, the amount of excitement and gratefulness that I still have, for all of those responsible in giving me such an awesome opportunity and a sea full of shoaling emotional memories. Hence the phrase, “just … images really, feelings.”


Saturday, April 18th, at Celebration Anaheim, will forever be known to me, and probably for the majority of us that were confirmed to share in this momentous event, as Star Wars Rebels Day. Speaking for myself, this was the greatest day of Star Wars Celebration and the one event or panel(s) that I looked forward to most. And, it did not disappoint! It truly exceeded my expectations, adding a renewed sense of hope or fuel to my love for all things Star Wars.

Rushing over, once again, to the media registration booths for Rebels check-in, was indeed, an emotional rush. After Mike (co-host & owner of The Cantina Cast podcast/website) and I received the stamp of approval (aka: wrist bands), we were on our way to experience Star Wars like it has never been seen before – an exclusive Rebels Premiere!

rebels media

It really was an all day event: from reserved seating for a special presentation of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 full trailer, with the entire Ghost crew/cast taking the stage. Followed by an intimate press conference that included the talents/EP’s of: Dave Filoni (EP/SD), Simon Kinberg (EP), Freddie Prinze Jr. (“Kanan”), Steve Blum (“Zeb”), Vanessa Marshall (“Hera”), Taylor Gray (“Ezra”), and Tiya Sircar (“Sabine”). And if that weren’t enough, trust me, that alone was mind-blowing. Even more so when I realized I had forgotten the K-cups for Vanessa back at the hotel! Yeah, that’s quite a story in itself and, if you’re so inclined to know the full tale, you can check it out here.

SW RS2 Trailer And then, it was time … Star Wars REBELS Season Two Premiere Screening! We all filed in and took our seats in the reserved sections that were allotted for us. Then, Tarkin himself (I’m being sarcastic) showed up, ordering that all cellular devices were to be stowed away or we’d find ourselves on the next escape pod out of the Digital Stage Room. So with that, I regret to tell you, that there are no pictures from this event to share, only my memories and feelings.

As the images flashed before our eyes and the voices embedded our ears, I was enthralled, completely swept up in the galaxy far, far away …

Trying my best to shut-out all the noises, commentaries from the other onlookers, and, yes, the “Oh’s and Ah’s” too, was next to impossible. I didn’t want to miss a single word of dialogue, but sadly, I know that I did.

As the action took place and familiar characters graced the screen, my emotions swarmed. Can’t even begin to count how many times my heart leapt into my throat, impulsively, leading my hand to rest upon it, as I sighed in awe and yes, there were tears too. These emotional connections that I have for these animated characters still astonish me and honestly, I feel more attuned with Rebels than any other Star Wars series to date.


I don’t do this too often and, truthfully, this might be a first for me, but I’d like to quote myself, if that’s not too much to ask? It just seems rather befitting and, quite simply, it sums up this entry rather well, if I do say so myself. So, without further ado …

Whoever said that this isn’t our Star Wars anymore and that “it’s time to let the new generation have their go at it” was terribly mistaken. I tip my hat to you, Dave Filoni. You didn’t just bridge the saga with REBELS, you have bridged the generations of our fandom by connecting the parsecs and filling the gaps. You have given us so much more to look forward to, with a rejuvenated sense of hope that our galaxy far, far away will continue to grow, today, tomorrow, and always …

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  1. Erica Steinweg
    June 21, 2015 at 09:44 Reply

    What an amazing experience you had at Celebration!

    I agree that Rebels bridges generations. I just got to watch the show with my daughter fully outfitted in her Sabine costume (helmet and all!). We loved it! My little rebel can’t wait to see more and neither can I!
    Fun post! xoxoxo

    1. Becca Benjamin
      June 25, 2015 at 17:15 Reply

      Hi Erica! Yes, it truly was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I really do appreciate it.

      Full Sabine costume?? OMGosh! This I gotta see!

  2. Mediocre Jedi
    June 21, 2015 at 13:20 Reply

    Fantastic Post, Becca! I was in overflow that day and couldn’t agree with you more – such a magic shared experience with other fans!

    I especially like your italicizes final paragraph.


    1. Becca Benjamin
      June 25, 2015 at 17:17 Reply

      Thank you! And yes, it really was “an overflow” of emotions lol! Thank you for reading and for the kind words. 🙂

  3. Melinda
    June 23, 2015 at 10:26 Reply

    Beautiful, Becca. I feel like I was right there with you. 🙂 Thank you for a truly moving experience. What a special, fantastic memory. MTFBWY…always. 🙂

    1. Becca Benjamin
      June 25, 2015 at 17:18 Reply

      Awe…thank you, Melinda! Means a lot to me and I’m so happy you enjoyed my blog 🙂

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