‘A Conversation in Blood’ – The Latest from ‘Lords of the Sith’ Author Paul S. Kemp

‘A Conversation in Blood’ – The Latest from ‘Lords of the Sith’ Author Paul S. Kemp

Paul S. Kemp, author of Lords of the Sith, has a new book scheduled for release January 24. A Conversation in Blood is the third entry in Kemp’s Egil & Nix fantasy series, and I had the pleasure of being able to read and review the book.

Here is an excerpt from my review, which can be found in full on Goodreads.

Official Synopsis:
Nix is a nimble thief with just enough knowledge of magic to get into serious trouble. Egil is the only priest of a discredited god. After a bout of heartbreak, all Nix wants to do is cheer up Egil. And, of course, strike it so rich that they need never worry about their combined bar bill. But when Nix plunders a tomb and snatches mysterious golden plates covered in runes, the treasure brings terrifying trouble. Pursued by an abomination full of ravenous hunger and unquenchable wrath, Egil and Nix find all they hold dear—including their beloved tavern—in dire peril. To say nothing of the world itself…

**Minor Spoilers**

I was fortunate to review one of Paul S. Kemp’s previous books, Lords of the Sith, so I was very interested in checking out another of his books when the opportunity arose. A Conversation in Blood, being of the fantasy genre, was right up my alley.

A Conversation in Blood is the third book in Paul Kemp’s Egil and Nix series, and I was a bit concerned to start as I have not read the previous books. My mind was immediately put at ease. You are introduced to the characters in such a way that makes it easy to jump right into the story without feeling lost. I was brought up to speed with just enough info to get me by, but not enough to ruin the previous stories should I decide to go back and read those as well. Which I plan to, by the way.

So, that concern aside, I was able to comfortably sink into the story and get swept away with the immensely fun and appealing lead characters, Egil and Nix — one a priest, the other a thief with a workable knowledge of magic. I read a fair amount of fantasy and sword and sorcery tales, but these two characters felt completely fresh. Their humor and camaraderie ooze off the page in the best way possible. You buy these two immediately.

You can purchase A Conversation in Blood here.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for providing a copy of this book for review purposes.

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