10 Tips for Making the Most of Star Wars Celebration — Part 2

10 Tips for Making the Most of Star Wars Celebration — Part 2

10 Tips for Star Wars Celebration from a Fan’s Perspective, a Guest Blog by Angela Haralson — Part 2

You can read Part 1 of Angela’s 10 Tips for Star Wars Celebration here.

Continuing with Tips 6-10 for making the most of your Celebration experience:


Speaking of the Autograph Hall, one thing I can’t stress enough is to BE PREPARED FOR LINES. There will be a lot of line waiting. I literally remember waiting in one line just to be told to go to the next line. It can get stressful and tiring. My best advice is to just be prepared for it to happen. Have some snacks on you, use a portable charger to recharge your phone, listen to audiobooks on your phone, talk to people around you and make some friends. Lines are unavoidable at Celebration, just know that.


One of the biggest mistakes I made in Orlando last year, was packing for Celebration like I was going on a camping trip. My huge backpack weighed me down and made standing around in lines very difficult.


One thing I learned, is to not have high hopes about anything going on at Celebration. In Orlando, there was a panel that I wanted to see (Mark Hamill’s Tribute to Carrie Fisher), and I thought since it wasn’t the main one that day, I’d be able to get in. Wristbands still ran out for those who camped overnight, and I was devastated I didn’t get to see it. I was upset for most of that day. If you go in not hoping for anything, maybe you will be surprised. That’s the mindset I am going into Chicago with.


I mentioned earlier that I am someone who has some pretty serious health issues that make waiting in lines for me very difficult. I had a major back surgery, and have joint pain in my feet and legs, among many other things, but I don’t need to go into that. One thing that helped me a lot was the Medical Badge. It allowed me to go to the front of the line for my photos and autographs and the store and getting into Celebration for the day. As someone who mainly focuses on spending time in the Autograph Hall, this was a life saver. If you think you have a legitimate condition that would need assistance in a convention setting, definitely look into this.


Finally, the most important tip, I feel like, that I want to end my blog on, is health. Of course, many fans have conditions that can’t be fixed or worked on, and that’s fine. I’m one of those myself. But there are things you can do to make your experience better. The biggest thing is SLEEP. Don’t sleep deprive yourself. You know what you can handle, I know I can’t handle sleeping on concrete all night, so I don’t. And you know, at Orlando, I still had an amazing time. Eat right. Make sure you eat well during the convention. Living on protein bars for five days will make you feel bad. Practice walking. This may sound weird, but you do a lot of walking and standing at Celebration. If you aren’t used to walking long distances, maybe try going to a gym and using a treadmill before the con for a few weeks — also, if you need to break in any new shoes, do that BEFORE the convention starts. If anyone else has any tips relating to good health for Celebration, share them!

LEFT: 1997, RIGHT: 2018,

I want to conclude by saying how excited I am for Chicago. It’s 10 years of The Clone Wars and #CloneWarsSaved, 20 years of The Phantom Menace (whattttt?!), 20 years of Star Wars Celebration, and of course Star Wars Episode IX.

April 2019 can’t come fast enough! Thank you all for reading.

For more information about Star Wars Celebration, visit the official site here.

You can find Angela on Twitter @JediAng18.

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