Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett himself! – participated in a reddit AMA this afternoon, and we’ve got a rundown of ten interesting things we learned from the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter. First things first, though – Mr. Bulloch wanted to remind everyone to support the Force for Change initiative. You could win a trip to the set of Episode VII, if you do! They’ve also added a Boba Fett T-shirt to the list of rewards. Click here for more info: http://www.omaze.com/starwars

Now, here are those ten interesting things, presented in no particular order…

10. Why do you think fans love this character so much?

I think the main reason is there’s something about the costume. I remember the very first day I put the costume on and looked in the mirror, ‘Yes that looks good!’ There’s just something about it you don’t know what’s going to happen. He has all these gadgets, he has jetpacks, and knee pads. It’s not just me, it’s the character Boba Fett. There’s something serious about him.

9. How restricting was the costume?

Well you couldn’t really see much once you start breathing. It starts to get foggy under the helmet. The jet pack was pretty heavy in those days, too.

Really, it was like being a statue, just standing there. It would get hotter and hotter. Every time you had a break, you were waiting for someone to say, “can we have a break, please? It’s terribly hot in this costume!” But you see, Boba Fett can’t do that. No, he will stand there until someone takes him out of the costume. You don’t want to be the sissy.

8. Were you able to keep the costume?

Yeah now, if I was a thief…I would have taken the costume and would have run away somewhere. It’s something that was given to me. I’ve worn it two times for charity. It’s quite fun to get back in the outfit. He love[s] to show off the weapons. That’s the reason the character is so popular, he’s a cool guy.

7. What was your first day on the set of The Empire Strikes Back like? Were you nervous?

That’s a good question. I’m not a nervous person but on the first day they were giving me instructions. Under the mask I’m talking to myself…”Come on! You’ve hardly got a line. Why are you nervous? You’ve done this before.” I was talking to myself, and of course someone heard me mumbling. I’ve never been nervous. How could I be nervous I was behind a mask. It was very exciting to be on set.

6. If you weren’t Boba Fett, what character would you have liked to play?

Probably Han Solo. I think at one point Boba Fett and Han Solo met or flew the Millennium Falcon together, but something happened that caused problems between them so they went separate ways. Han Solo – he’s a bit of a bad guy as well. He’s not terribly innocent, but he would be my favorite character.

5. Any memorable fan encounters?

I’m terribly lucky that the fans like the character Boba Fett. There is a girl fan that dresses like Boba Fett. She looks absolutely fantastic! She’s probably a better performer than me. There are people who make their own costumes and they are incredible. There’s a lot of very talented people out there.

4. What’s your favorite moment from filming Star Wars?

I think my favorite part of the film was in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi because I spent nearly 10 days in that palace. It was very hot. But you’re just doing nothing. What makes me laugh is that people say “I love the way you do this and that,’ and you’re just there. Boba Fett standing still is much cooler than saying a line. It was just a lovely job to do.

I was in the theater in the evening and filming during the day. I had two jobs at once. Little did I know that months later the film would come out and I was just waiting to see how it would come out. It was just a bit of luck.

3. Lot’s of people around the world have Boba Fett tattoos. Thoughts?

That’s extraordinary! The worst thing about that is I remember someone coming and saying, “Hey, Jeremy look at this!” And they pulled up their shirt and there was a tattoo of Boba Fett. He said, could you just sign this Mr. Bulloch? It would be very nice of you!” So with a felt tipped pen, I signed my name. Not long after that, this guy comes up to me and said, “Look Mr. Bulloch!” There was his sizzling flesh with my name, which I had written. He had it tattooed right on his bare flesh.

Lots of people coming up with some of the artwork is fantastic/ It’s not too late to get a Boba Fett tattoo!

2. The galaxy wants to know – Dogs or cats?

I’m a dog person and a cat person. We had four cats when my boys were young. But we didn’t have dogs because when you’re away, you certainly can’t leave a dog alone or with any neighbors. They’d say ‘Oh we’ll look after the dog,’ but it never works like that. When you’re traveling, it’s so difficult, you really can’t have a dog or a cat, which was upsetting for the boys when they were growing up.

1. Who would win in a fight – Father or son?

Boba Fett. Well there’s just no contest. Boba Fett is too cool. I mean, his father lost his head rather sadly, you know. I said, “One of these day you’ll lose your head.” And he did.

*Bonus* What is your ideal sandwich?

Ideal sandwich…chicken, lettuce, tomato or (tomato in England). And a good mayonnaise. That will do.

Keep up with Jeremy Bulloch by visiting his official website: JeremyBulloch.com

Image belongs to Jeremy Bulloch. All questions paraphrased by Lisa.

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  1. Joe2 Taylor
    July 9, 2014 at 19:00 Reply

    I’m sorry, but I will *NEVER* have the signature of someone tattooed on my body. That’s just nuts! Hopefully, Mr Bulloch didn’t sign on top of the “tat.”

    Pretty interesting stuff.

  2. Jay Krebs
    July 10, 2014 at 12:08 Reply

    Jeremy (I feel like I can call him that because I met him lol) is an incredibly gracious person and fan advocate. I can’t express enough how amazing he was to talk to about his experiences as Boba Fett. I can just hear his voice through those written comments 🙂

    I wish I could’ve caught this particular Reddit. He’s amazing. His wife is great, too! I remember meeting her and callling her “Mrs. Fett”, to which she giggled intensely 🙂

    As far as the signed tattoo thing, I remember at CIV when a man (an older man to boot) had Carrie Fisher sign her autograph under a tatoo he had of her as slave Leia, then immediately proceeded to the tattoo parlor to have it traced permanently! The things fans will do!

  3. Melinda
    July 13, 2014 at 07:31 Reply

    The most notorious bounty hunter is so very nice. Like Jay, Caitlin and I had the opportunity — chance, as it was — to meet Jeremy Bulloch. We just happened to run into him in the hall on our way to our hotel room (CV). Jet-lagged and on his way to *somewhere*, he stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes. 🙂 How kind of him. 😀 I’ll never forget that encounter. Caitlin — a huge BF fan — was ecstatic (but kept her cool the entire conversation 🙂 )! 🙂

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