It’s a cornucopia of Star Wars comics, with five titles to be examined this week, including the conclusion of the Lando mini-series — it’s so amazing that we had to bring in writer Charles Soule to discuss what happened and why HE wrote it like he did. There’s also more hints about The Force Awakens and nods to the prequel and original trilogies, too.

In today’s issue, Matt Moore and Jeff McGee are literally buried by an avalanche of Star Wars comics, with issues from Darth Vader, Star Wars, Shattered Empire and Lando taking center stage for deep discussion, analysis and a search for not just clues about The Force Awakens — why, hello Poe Dameron! — but also references to events, people and places from the Prequel and Original trilogies, too!

Oh, Charles Soule, who just happened to write the now-concluded five-issue Lando miniseries pops by for a visit to talk about that emotional wallop of a conclusion and how his work has forever influenced the stories about Lando Calrissian forever.



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