It’s no myth, the fifth issue of Kanan concludes the series’ first story arc in a manner befitting what is arguably among the best of Marvel’s monthly Star Wars comics. There’s also lots of love for the Lando mini-series, which has only two issues to go before concluding its run.

In today’s issue, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore give fair warning about how epic Marvel’s upcoming Shattered Empire mini-series is likely to be, talking in depth about the crux of its lead characters and how the stalwarts we know and love from the films aren’t likely to be front and center.

Then we dive, deep, into all of the Star Wars comics being published BY Marvel, discussing the merits of Kanan #5 and how the series, which concludes its first story arc, has been the breakout fan favorite of the three monthlies. (SPOILER — We love it, too. Even more than Nerf steaks.)
Charles Soule and Alex Maleev continue to wow us both with the Lando mini-series. It’s captured the tone and essence of everything Lando should be and the fact that Lobot is being fleshed out in a dramatic way is a big plus, too.
We also talk about the latest developments in Star Wars #8 and wish for a speedier conclusion to the Sana Solo storyline because, frankly, we’re intrigued by the whole thing. Also, note that this issue is Stuart Immonen’s debut and wow can he illustrate. His technical work is vibrant and the entire book is, for lack of a better term, luscious.
As for Darth Vader #8, it’s a heist story, which is good, but Matt’s becoming rather ambivalent about the Star Wars Sith X-Force team and would prefer more focus on Vader, along with Dr. Aphra.
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