It’s the third issue of Comics With Kenobi which means that with just two more to go, we’ll get to have our own trade paperback edition. Maybe. (We haven’t decided if it should be hardcover or softcover.)

In this issue, we take a deep dive into Darth Vader No. 7, discuss the conclusion of Star Wars: Princess Leia, the first of Marvel’s five-issue mini-series focusing on key characters from the original trilogy of films and dive right into the first issue of Lando by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev.

With San Diego Comic-Con underway, we touch base with what Marvel has on tap in terms of Star Wars announcements, too. Hint? We’re very excited. So excited that we just want to roar!
We also discuss how J.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew crafted the luxurious eight-issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics entitled The Star Wars. The book, which came out in September 2013 and concluded last year, is based on George Lucas’ original draft of what would eventually become the original trilogy and, while it features numerous characters whose names need no introduction, their appearances are vastly different in terms of species and much more.
The work is available as a collected edition through Amazon and will be reprinted by Marvel, likely later this year. It can be had digitally through Marvel Unlimited or via back issue at your local comic book shop. It’s worth the time, given the scope and format of the story.
Finally, we’re going to start giving away digital codes for the current crop of Marvel Star Wars comics through our twitter feed. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep one eye on the feed. You might find yourself reading a comic cheap-as-free!
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