CWK Show #55: The Force Awakens Hero Analysis (134)

CWK Show #55: The Force Awakens Hero Analysis (134)

In today’s show, Amy Ratcliffe returns as we discuss our topic for Show # 55, a closer look at Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron. We will also discuss major Rogue One announcements, the Episode VIII score, Celebration London news, and Nick DiCo returns with a look at Star Wars video games.

In Collector News, we look at Ultimate Edition prop replicas, new offerings from ANOVOS, life-sized action figures, and an exciting announcement regarding our TeePublic store. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

Show Notes 


Ten Things You Should Know About Saw Gerrera

Rogue One Coverage

Episode VIII Score

Rogue One Props at Celebration London

Collector News

Ultimate Studio Edition Prop Replicas

First Order Stormtrooper Armor from ANOVOS

Life-sized Darth Vader Monument

Order your Orange Coffee With Kenobi tee-shirt here!

Discussion Segment

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