CWK Show # 50: The Force Awakens Review (124)

CWK Show # 50: The Force Awakens Review (124)

On our last show of 2015, Coffee With Kenobi takes an in-depth look at The Force Awakens with our entire Coffee With Kenobi podcast family. Jeff McGee & Matt Moore of Comics With Kenobi, Randy Therio & Luke Seiters of Legends Library, and Aaron Harris of Rebels Reactions join us as we begin to look at the most intriguing aspects of the new Star Wars film. We discuss characters that spoke to us the most, future topics for the show, what this new film means for Star Wars, and much more. This is the podcast you're looking for!

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Comics With Kenobi

Enjoy Jeff McGee's writing here

Enjoy Matt Moore's writing here

Legends Library

Rebels Reactions

Enjoy Aaron Harris' writing here

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  1. Coffee With Kenobi Episode 50
    January 11, 2016 at 22:14 Reply

    […] CoffeWithKenobi.com – Coffee With Kenobi Show # 50: The Force Awakens Review, featuring Comic… […]

  2. Natasha O' Shaughnessy
    September 4, 2016 at 07:41 Reply

    Hello again from Natasha. I sent a mail,a few months back thanking you and complimenting Koffee with Kenobi for the excellent podcasts and wonderful discussions. At any rate we have moved from the Middle East to France and it was a hectic three months so I have not had much time to spare. Our container arrived and I have found my Star Wars Box and can not wait to inflict my Darth Vader Door hanging, Death Star Jako lantern and R2D2 wine cooler on these unsuspecting French Villagers at Halloween.

    I do want to mention though that I downloaded a few pods asks last week when I escaped to the lovely Alps, the Val d ‘Allos near the Italian border ( when they do anything on Alderaan please let it be in the Alps!!!!!!).

    I was able to catch up a bit and really enjoyed Winding down with Williams ( have been working on the Imperial March and Torn Apart myself on the piano). The gaming podcast was superb also. In general you guys have got such a good thing going!

    Lastly, what do say about the MAUL Is SNOKE theory published on the Lighter Side of the Force. I feel a strong tingle in the Force!!!!

    Keep it up guys

    Natasha O ‘Shaughnessy

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