CWK Show # 25: Catherine Taber discusses Padme Amidala (53)

CWK Show # 25: Catherine Taber discusses Padme Amidala (53)

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In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Catherine Taber, known to Star Wars fans as the voice of Padme Amidala in Star Wars: the Clone Wars.  Cat’s insights into Padme are essential to learning more about the tragic and beloved character.  We also have a Salt Lake City Comic-Con report from CWK Blogger Ryder Waldron, as well as updates on Rebels, and a contest from Feature Blogger Melinda Wolf.  Stay tuned in our news segment for an exciting new series appearing on Coffee With Kenobi featuring discussions on the Legends line of Star Wars Literature, as well as the next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” with Rob Wainfur.  This is Podcast you're looking for!

Listen to the Show here!

Note: There are some brief Skype issues in the middle of Catherine's discussion.

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Show Notes


Rebels Premiere Numbers

Darth Vader in Rebels

Rebels Renewed for Season 2

Ryder Waldron's Salt Lake Comic-Con Blog

Melinda Wolf's Giveaway

Hollywood Reporter Article

Collector News

Rebels Merchandise

Star Wars Celebration Pins

Discussion Segment

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